Eat These 2 Gourmet Dishes Loved by Locals on the Way From Narita Airport to Tokyo

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  • On the way from Narita Airport to Ueno, Tokyo, there are many spots where you can enjoy delicious local food that has long been a favorite of local residents. Here we introduce two of the top recommended dishes and the establishments where you can try them.

    1. Naritasan Eel

    Eat a dish with 300 years of history!

    Narita City, home of Narita Airport, is actually a town well known for its eel cuisine. The area around Naritasan Omotesando has flourished as a “temple town,” which developed in front of Naritasan Shinshoji Temple since the temple’s founding over 1,000 years ago. Many eel restaurants have opened here to serve pilgrims to Naritasan for over 300 years.

    Long-established restaurants in the area have passed down the secret sauce recipes of their ancestors for generations, and the rich aroma of grilled eel wafts out from under their eaves to tease the appetites of passersby. Whether you come at the start of your journey to Naritasan or at the end, eating the finest eel available will make for a memory you will treasure forever.

    Address: 378 Naka-machi, Narita-shi, Chiba-ken 〒286-0027

    Naritasan Omotesando Website

    2. Kujukuri Sardine Dishes

    Enjoy local sardine dishes served in three styles: sashimi (raw), namero (miso pasted), and suzuke (pickled).

    Kujukuri on Japan’s Pacific coast is a town famous for its large haul of sardines, and restaurants all around town serve sardine dishes.

    In countries outside of Japan, sardines are known for being preserved in oil, but Kujukuri cuisine uses fresh, locally caught sardines, and has many dishes to offer that make best use of their ingredients, including sardines served as sashimi, namero, suzuke, or even deep fried.

    At Seaside Plaza in Kujukuri, there is not only a food court where you can enjoy various sardine dishes, but a museum with materials to learn about the history of sardine fishing.

    Address: 2347-98 Koseki, Kujukuri-machi, Sanbu-gun, Chiba-ken 〒283-0102

    Kujukuri Website

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