Locals Love These 2 Power Spots Located Between Narita Airport and Ueno, Tokyo!

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  • Japan is a country with mysteries hidden in all aspects of everyday life, and the route from the airport to the city is no exception. Here we introduce two “power spots” (locations believed to be flowing with mystical energy) beloved by local residents, on the way from Narita Airport to Ueno, Tokyo. Join the locals and submit yourself to the mystical energy of power spots.

    1. Katori Jingu Shrine

    One of Kanto region’s greatest power spots, with over 1,300 years of history!

    Katori Jingu Shrine is one of the greatest power spots in the Kanto region, visited by Japanese people from far and wide who venerate the god of martial arts, pray for travel safety, for the safety of their family, for prosperity in business, and to ward off bad luck.

    The history of this shrine stretches back at least 1,300 years. It was mentioned in “Hitachi Fudoki,” a text describing the culture and climate of Hitachi Province, which was written in the early 700s.

    Tokugawa Tsunayoshi, the fifth shogun of the Tokugawa dynasty, oversaw the construction of the current main shrine building in the year 1700. This main shrine building and the red two-story gate in front of the shrine are registered as Important Cultural Assets of Japan. Likewise, there are many cultural assets, such as the “Kaiju Buso Kyo” (a bronze mirror with a design of animals and grapes), kept in the adjacent treasure museum.

    On your way back from the shrine, make sure to try the sweet treat “yakuotoshi dango” so you can feel even more like a local.

    Address: 1697-1 Katori, Katori-shi, Chiba-ken 〒287-0017

    Katori Jingu Shrine Website *Japanese only

    2. Fudo Well

    Kozo Hikage (Fuller, Inc.)

    Find the sacred water of Narita springing up from a hidden well!

    Fudo Well is a source of sacred water, located behind the NAGOMI-YONEYA Flagship Shop, a long-established “yokan” (sweet bean jelly) shop just seven minutes’ walk from Narita Station, in the corner of the O-Fudo Historic Garden. Locals believe that the pure water that springs from the earth here is sacred water.

    It is said that 400 years ago, the garden was home to Fudo Myo-o (“Acala” in Sanskrit), the Buddhist god considered most important by Naritasan Shinshoji Temple. You can draw water freely from the well, which has been carefully maintained as an object of worship by many people, including rice merchants.

    Try drinking from the sacred water of Naritasan, which is deeply cherished by locals, and reinvigorate your mind and body.

    Address: 500 Kami-cho, Narita-shi, Chiba-ken 〒286-0032


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