Discover Traditional Japanese Crafts at These 2 Local Spots Near Narita Airport

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  • There are many shops where you can discover traditional Japanese crafts on the way from Narita Airport to Ueno, Tokyo. Here we introduce two spots that primarily exhibit traditional crafts from Chiba Prefecture. Come and find your very own beautiful traditional craft item.

    1. Chiba Prefectural Boso-no-Mura

    Learn about Chiba’s traditional crafts from lifestyle, folklore, and culture!

    Boso-no-Mura is an interactive museum where you can directly experience traditional lifestyles and techniques from the Boso region, which includes the area around Narita Airport.

    The museum is distinctive in that you can gain a deeper understanding of culture and traditional crafts passed down in the Boso region from long ago, using the five senses of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

    Items on display include archaeological relics excavated in Chiba Prefecture, as well as the historic houses of samurai, merchants, and farmers, so it’s a great place to learn about the history and traditional crafts of Boso.

    There is also a museum shop inside Boso-no-Mura where you can find a selection of Boso-no-Mura original products and traditional craft items from Chiba Prefecture.

    Address: Ryukakuji, Sakae-machi, Inba-gun, Chiba-ken 〒270-1506
    Hours: 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM

    Chiba Prefectural Boso-no-Mura Website

    2. Chiba-kun Bussankan

    Kozo Hikage (Fuller, Inc.)

    A huge collection of traditional crafts and Chiba-kun goods!

    Chiba-kun Bussankan is just a five-minute walk from JR Chiba Station, facing the road Chiba Ekimae Odori.

    This gift shop offers a broad selection of traditional and specialty products from Chiba Prefecture, including Boso Uchiwa, one of the Three Great Fans of Japan, distinguished by its round design and beautiful lattice pattern. You can also choose from a plethora of goods featuring Chiba-kun, the original mascot character of Chiba Prefecture.

    There are also tourism information pamphlets for each area of Chiba Prefecture.

    Address: NTT Fujimi Building 1st Floor, 1-12-16 Fujimi, Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba-ken 〒260-0015
    Hours: 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM

    Chiba-kun Bussankan Website

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