6 must-do cultural activities in Kyoto

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  • Kyoto, a city in Honshu island, is not only famous for its interesting places but also its cultural depth. You can find many temples and shrines in Kyoto, more o than in the other cities of Japan, many preserved Japanese buildings, and a lot of people who still wear Kimono compared to the other cities. Visiting Kyoto will also drown you in the feeling of ancient and genuine Japan.

    Besides sightseeing, you can also participate in some activities that will make you experience in-depth Japanese culture. So, if you visit Kyoto someday, make sure to try do the things from this list, to get a deeper understanding of Japanese traditions.

    1. Wear a kimono

    You can wear a kimono and learn how to put it on. You also can learn about the different types and rules applied to Kimono wearing. After that, you can wear it outside around the area.

    2. Tea ceremony

    Tea ceremony is one of the Japanese most prevalent traditions. You can learn about Japanese tea and its relation to Zen Buddhism in Kyoto. In addition, you can also practice tea making and ceremony with an instructor’s help.

    3. Calligraphy

    Calligraphy makes you understand the Japanese characters and how the writing (Kanji) came to Japan. You can spend some time will local people to learn more about it and write your own calligraphy to bring home.

    4. Origami

    Japanese paper folding has become a world-known art. You can learn original origami in Kyoto!

    5. Gion Walk & Dinner with Maiko

    You can take a tour to meet and have a dinner with Maiko. The program will bring you to the Gion district where Maiko live and you will be get more knowledge about the history of Maiko. After that, you can meet Maiko at the restaurant.

    6. Ikebana

    Ikebana has also become a popular flower arrangement art form. Ikebana reflects Japanese appreciation of beauty through flowers of each season. Learning ikebana from a Japanese teacher in a local traditional house will give you a truly memorable experience.

    How to participate in these Activities
    There are many places that provide such programs for the visitors. Among many others, you can try WAK Japan Co

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