Make Traveling Fun! Ride These 2 Express Trains From Narita Airport to Ueno, Tokyo

  • Limited express trains are a traveler’s delight, offering comfortable seats, large windows, and excellent service. Various railway companies offer limited express service between Ueno, Tokyo and Narita Airport. Ride the train of your choice, and have fun on your journey!

    1. JR East: Narita Express

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    This express train offers direct access to Tokyo Station!

    Narita Express is an Access Express train operated by JR East, connecting Narita Airport to the city. You can take it from Tokyo Station to Narita Airport Station in just 53 minutes (minimum). Trains depart every 15 to 30 minutes during the day, so even if you miss your train, you can just hop on the next one.

    The train cars have storage spaces for large luggage, and there are two types of seating: normal seats and the top-grade Green Car, which has reserved seating.

    Narita Express is very convenient if you want direct access to Tokyo Station.

    Narita Express Website

    2. Keisei Electric Railway: Skyliner

    Kozo Hikage (Fuller, Inc.)

    The fastest trip from Narita to Ueno, in just 41 minutes!

    Skyliner is a limited express train service offered by Keisei Electric Railway. It is notably the fastest train from Narita to Ueno, completing the trip in just 41 minutes, with trains departing every 10 to 20 minutes.

    This train offers the fastest access to the city, going from Narita to Nippori in 36 minutes. This is partially made possible because it is the fastest limited express train after the Shinkansen in all of Japan, with a maximum speed of 160 kilometers per hour.

    All seating is reserved, and there is plenty of room to store your luggage. From the windows, you can enjoy beautiful scenery that gradually changes from Chiba’s rural landscape to the urban environment of Tokyo.

    Skyliner Website

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