Hot Springs Where You Least Expect Them, on the Way From Narita Airport to Tokyo

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  • Hot springs are sure to be a highlight of your trip to Japan. You may think they are too far out in the countryside for a visit, but in fact, there are many hot springs between Narita Airport and Ueno, Tokyo. Here we introduce two hot springs loved by locals!

    1. Teganuma Hot Spring: Manten no Yu

    Kozo Hikage (Fuller, Inc.)

    A local hot spring resort on the banks of Tega Marsh!

    Manten no Yu is a hot spring on the banks of Tega Marsh. It mainly serves day-trippers who come to bathe themselves directly in the hot spring waters. You can enjoy 10 different types of baths in the resort.

    The hot spring itself is named “Teganuma Onsen” after the area. Its water contains a high level of sodium and does not cool easily, so it is also called “Netsu no Yu,” or the “hot hot spring.”

    Take a minute on your way back from sightseeing at Tega Marsh to relax and rejuvenate in this hot spring, and you will have experienced the perfect Japanese-style day trip.

    Address: 68-1 Minowa Shinden, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba-ken 〒277-0911

    Manten no Yu Website

    2. Shisui Hot Spring: Yura no Sato

    Kozo Hikage (Fuller, Inc.)

    Don’t miss this hot spring next to an outlet mall!

    Yura no Sato is a hot spring just a five-minute walk from Shisui Premium Outlets. This is an excellent location you can easily drop by on the way home from shopping.

    The hot spring water that wells up from 2,000 meters below the earth retains heat well so the baths do not cool easily. It is also considered a top-class hot spring in all of Japan in terms of iodine content. This is said to have a strong effect on lowering blood pressure and is recommended for people who are health conscious.

    You can also get an excellent, relaxing view of the surrounding Shisui area from the huge outdoor baths of the hot spring.

    Address: 1-1-1 Iizumi, Shisui-machi, Inba-gun, Chiba-ken 〒285-0912

    Yura no Sato Website

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