Wander These 2 Areas With a Japanese Atmosphere Between Narita Airport and Tokyo

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  • Taking a walk through areas with a traditional Japanese atmosphere will make for an unforgettable experience during your vacation. There are spots between Narita Airport and Ueno, Tokyo with a strong historic atmosphere and lots of local charm that you definitely can’t see in the big city. Come take a walk around town and see them for yourself!

    1. The Koedo Townscape of Sawara

    Enjoy the atmosphere of Koedo on the waterfront!

    The Koedo townscape of Sawara City was the first precious scenery designated as a “Preservation District for Important Traditional Architecture.” “Koedo” refers to towns that prospered like the huge city of Edo (which was renamed as “Tokyo” in 1868). Here you can see a town that flourished from transportation by boat starting on the Tone River. There are buildings reminiscent of the history of that time in every part of the town.

    We recommend you try a Koedo Sawara Boat Tour, which lets you enjoy the historical townscape of Edo from a “sappa-bune” style boat leisurely.

    The Koedo Townscape of Sawara Website

    2. Sakura Castle Site

    Step back in time and admire the history of this Japanese castle!

    The Sakura Castle Site is where Sakura Castle stood during the Warring States period of Japan over 500 years ago. Much of the castle remains today, including the foundation of the castle tower that was the central structure of the castle, as well as the massive moat dug to protect the castle from enemies.

    Many large trees such as the 400-year-old “Fufu Mokkoku” (meaning “Husband and Wife Japanese Ternstroemia,” which is a Chiba Prefectural Designated Natural Monument) next to the castle tower, as well as chinquapin, oak, and maple can be found on the site of the castle.

    At the eastern edge of the park is the Sakura Castle Park Management Center, which displays models and old photographs related to Sakura Castle. Step inside and get a glimpse of the illustrious history of this castle.

    Sakura Castle Site Website

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