Visit This Charming Cafe in Japan for All Your Coffee and Pie Cravings

  • Who doesn’t like to fight off the chilly weather with a delicious slice of pie and a hot drink? Cafes are abundant in Japan, from flashy branches of Starbucks to traditional Japanese tea rooms in which you can unwind, relax, and enjoy a tasty treat. Even those who claim to not have a sweet tooth sometimes find themselves in the mood for a homemade dessert.

    One cafe that you may see on your travels is the cozy Western-style Granny Smith Apple Pie & Coffee, which sells all kinds of delicious pies, quiches, and hot drinks for when you need some home comforts away from home. There are several Granny Smith branches around Japan and they take pride in their baked goods and creamy, satisfying hot drinks.

    Granny Smith Apple Pie & Coffee

    Upon arriving at Granny Smith Apple Pie & Coffee, you will first notice the scent of stewing coffee and sweet, baking pies, giving off an immediate air of an establishment that is homey and welcoming.

    The branch in Yokohama is designed to look like the inside of something between a European cafe and a library, which puts you at ease. Despite being crowded, the cafe had a charming, welcoming air, and I couldn’t wait to sit down and check out the menu.


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    There are various flavors of savory quiches for a light snack, but the real pull to this place is the pies. Classic types are available, such as classic rum raisin, England custard, and Dutch crumble. Seasonal types also come and go, such as the cream cheese apple pie and the Gianduja, meaning that regular customers are constantly able to try new and exciting flavors.

    The drinks range from the usual cafe beverages such as drip coffee, hot chocolate, and tea; there are also various special drinks featuring almond, chai, whipped cream, and more. I had the white hot chocolate with a raspberry topping and it was sweet, creamy, and satisfying that went beautifully with the crumbling pastry of the pie. The drinks were served in glass mugs that gave a sense of class as well as relaxing homeliness.

    When you choose your pie, you can also choose your sauce to drizzle over it, which includes caramel, maple syrup, and raspberry. You also get a scoop of ice cream and a little whipped cream alongside the thick slice on your plate.

    The portions are quite small but they are delicious and satisfying. A slice of pie and a drink is a great snack, light lunch, or something to enjoy while you are taking a break from shopping. Take-out is an option, but it is advisable to get the most out of the experience by sitting in and soaking up the atmosphere.

    There are quite a few branches of Granny Smith in and around Tokyo, including but not restricted to Yokohama, Ginza, and Setagaya. It is the perfect place to go to take respite from a cold or rainy day and enjoy some pie and a drink. If you are in Yokohama, Ginza, Aoyama, or Setagaya and in the mood for some sweet comforts, head to Granny Smith Apple Pie & Coffee!

    Granny Smith Apple Pie & Coffee Website *Japanese only

    There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.

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