4 Dishes that are Loved in Japan But Unknown Abroad

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    As you know, sushi is the most famous and popular Japanese cuisine. Like sushi, I have heard that Teriyaki chicken is pretty popular as well. However, there are a lot more delicious dishes in Japan, especially the typical food which is called Washoku. Washoku has many good points, it’s healthy, tasty, and beautiful. In this article, I will introduce you Washoku dishes that are the most popular in Japan.

    1. Niku-jyaga

    Niku-jyaga literally means meat and potatoes. Niku-jyaga is a typical home made food for most Japanese. Niku-jyaga contains meat, normally pork, potatoes, onions, carrots and many vegetables which vary depending on region, or even chef.

    2. Sabano-Misoni

    Saba-no-Misoni is simmered mackerel with miso (miso: a typical Japanese seasoning made from soy). I think it does not look so good, but it is really tasty.

    3. Oyako-Don

    Oyako-Don is one of the Donburi types that is served as a main dish on rice. Oyako means a parent and a children in English. You might feel a little weirded out by its name. Oyako-Don is made of the eggs and chicken. And they are parents and children, aren’t they?

    4. Karaage

    When you see Karaage for the first time, you might think that Karaage is the same as fried chickens. Actually, some Japanese don’t know the difference. However there are a few differences between them. First, fried chicken is flavoured after it is fried. While Karaage is flavoured before they are fried with seasonings such as soy sauce, ginger, and so on. The way of cooking, and especially seasonings make a great difference. Anyway, Karaage and fried chicken are pretty similar, so I think Karaage is the best dish to start trying Japanese food out for people who are not familiar with the Japanese cuisine, especially seafood.

    There you are, I introduced you four typical Japanese dishes. They are pretty tasty, and good for your body. I think there are many restaurants where you can find them. So when you visit Japan, I strongly recommend you to try these foods too, not just sushi!