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  • If you have ever been to Japan, you may know that some of the larger train stations are extremely complicated. With many lines, exits, and platforms, it can be an adventure in itself just finding the right spot in one of the busy and crowded stations. For example, Shinjuku Station has over 10 train lines running through it! Even with clear signposts, it’s very easy to get lost in the maze of a large city station, especially if you have never been there before or you are jet-lagged and hauling around luggage.

    Another discontent among travelers visiting Japan is that the number of free Wi-Fi spots that can be easily used is small. Therefore, it’s difficult to connect to the Internet and search how to head to the right place. However, since free Wi-Fi spots are more available at main train stations, you can get travel information when you get there. Here, we will introduce how to find free Wi-Fi spots at Shinjuku and Shibuya Station, where many foreign travelers visit, and the shortest paths to popular tourist destinations.

    Find Wi-Fi Spots at Shinjuku Station

    Shinjuku has over 10 train lines, more than 15 ticket gates, and more than 30 exits, making it one of the most complicated train stations in Japan. A great way to find Wi-Fi spots in JR train stations is with the JR-EAST Train Info app, which helps to find out the location of Wi-Fi spots. The map on the app shows not only Wi-Fi spots but also the locations of bathrooms, elevators, and coin lockers, so it is convenient if you have heavy luggage and want to deposit them. In addition, it shows the location of ATMs with international cash card services, rent-a-car counters, foreign currency exchange counters, and convenience stores, so there is no need to worry when you suddenly need something.

    Shortest Route to Popular Tourist Spots in Shinjuku

    Now that you are connected to the free Wi-Fi, you can easily head to popular tourist spots in Shinjuku with the help of the map on the app!

    To see the huge Godzilla head coming out from the top of a building, take the shortest route from Exit B13 near the East Exit of Shinjuku Station. Be careful not to go out from the West Exit of the station, or it will take you an extra 10 minutes just to get there.

    Also, Isetan, a department store where you can purchase luxury goods, is located in front of Exit B4 near Shinjuku Station’s East Exit. By taking this exit, you will also find various fashion retail stores, home electronics stores such as Bic Camera, and anime shops such as animate.

    Find Wi-Fi Spots at Shibuya Station

    Like Shinjuku Station, Shibuya Station also serves a huge number of people and is a big, complicated station so it is easy to get lost. In such a case, find a free Wi-Fi spot using the JR-EAST Train Info app first. Then, you can head to popular tourist destinations with the help of the app!

    Shortest Route to Popular Tourist Spots in Shibuya

    There are more than 20 ticket gates leading to different areas in Shibuya Station and more than 30 exits, so if you accidentally take the wrong exit, it can take a long time to get where you need to go. Finding the right exit saves a lot of time and stress, leaving more time to enjoy yourself.

    When you get out from the Hachiko Exit of Shibuya Station, you will find the famous scramble crossing where thousands of people come and go, and the famous Hachiko Memorial Statue.

    You can also reach MEGA Don Quijote, a famous and enormous discount store, without getting caught up in congestion if you use Exit 3 (note that this is different from Exit 3A).

    Other Functions of the JR-EAST Train Info App

    Asakusa, Ginza, Ebisu, Ikebukuro – these are just a few of the many attractive sightseeing spots in Tokyo. When going to these areas, you can easily check how to get from one station to another using the Route Search function of the JR-EAST Train Info app! It is possible to search information such as routes to use, required travel time, number of transfers, train fare, etc.

    The JR-EAST Train Info app, which is free to download, not only helps in finding Wi-Fi spots (JR-EAST FREE Wi-Fi) and sightseeing spots, but has some other convenient functions, too. For example, you can see weather forecasts, check for train delays, including the Shinkansen or bullet train, and purchase tickets – all in English! It is recommended that you download the application and take a screenshot of the map beforehand. By doing this, you can see the guide map even without connecting to the Internet and you can decide where to go as soon as you arrive in Japan.

    By getting the right information, your trip to Japan will be easier and more fun. Collect information using convenient applications, and enjoy more shopping and sightseeing without wasting precious time!

    *This article was written in cooperation with JR East.

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