What Is The “Otaku Coin” and Why Should Anime Fans Be Excited About It?

  • Are you an anime fan? If so, then you might love the concept of “Otaku Coin” which is scheduled to be released in Japan in the summer of 2018. The anime industry in Japan has been recently declining, and in hopes of preserving it, Tokyo Otaku Mode designed a digital currency that will provide benefits for both consumers and producers. Interested to find out more about the Otaku Coin? Keep on reading!

    Virtual Currency in Japan

    Virtual currency or virtual money is an unregulated, digital money issued and controlled by its developers and accepted in virtual communities. This type of currency has already gained a foothold in Japan. An example of this is Bitcoin – one of the innovative payment networks that the Japanese people have recognized as legal tender. There is even a cryptocurrency group called the “Virtual Currency Girls” that supports such virtual money.

    Who is behind the Otaku Coin?

    In order to prevent the further decline of the anime industry in Japan and to preserve anime culture, Tokyo Otaku Mode, a company dedicated to Japanese pop culture, came up with the concept of the Otaku Coin. They have a Facebook page with over 20 million likes. Their goal is to deliver the latest news and products related to Japanese anime, manga, music, games, and fashion to fans all over the world.

    What exactly is the Otaku Coin?

    The Otaku Coin will allow fans and creators of Japanese content to stay connected to each other. Fans will be able to support their favorite anime just by watching, sharing content, and writing reviews – a more personal approach in showing appreciation to the creators. By doing this, fans will be able to “mine” Otaku Coins similar to other cryptocurrencies. If they’d like to earn more coins, they can cash in through an Otaku Coin issuer. They will also be able to earn coins as a reward for attending events, supporting projects, and shopping.

    The Otaku Coin will use blockchain technology, which is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions. It can be programmed to record everything of virtual value, not only financial transactions.

    The Otaku Coin aims to become the currency of Japanese pop culture while preserving the anime industry. This new cryptocurrency is said to be scheduled for release sometime in the summer of 2018. So if you are an anime fan, don’t forget to support Otaku Coin once it comes out!

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