3 Websites that will help you in cooking authentic Japanese dishes

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  • These days there are many websites that help cooking meals, snacks, and desserts. These kinds of websites offer recipes that you can filter by themes or priorities. If you are looking for vegans, healthy recipes, or of if you open your fridge and you discover that you have only some vegetable and don’t know what to cook with it, or if you are following a diet, or if you are looking for the most economical recipes, these websites make your life easier. Japan is not an exception, there are many website which has hundreds of recipes and services.

    So if you are passionate about cooking and want to try the Japanese recipes, here is the list of the most popular Japanese websites that can help you realizing your today lunch or dinner.

    1. Cookpad

    Cookpad is the most famous recipes website in Japan. There are more than thousand of recipes for almost every Japanese foods. Those recipes are posted by ordinary users who like to try new recipes or to cook. Because those recipes are from normal cooker such me or you, not from chefs of restaurants, it is easy to cook in every day’s life. Recipes are made casually for the both objectives of saving money and cooking good dishes. It si a website for authentic recipes of homemade meals.

    Cookpad Website*Japanese Only

    2. Gurunavi-Recipe

    Gurunavi-Recipe is a little different from the cooking website Cookpad. The recipes are posted by recognized chefs who work in famous restaurants in Japan. Because of that, the recipes are a little more difficult than Cookpad’s recipes, and ingredients might be expensive and hard to find. However those recipes are pretty reliable. So, if you have a special occasion or you want to make a special dinner for your family this website is the perfect one for you.

    Gurunavi-Recipe Website*Japanese Only

    3. Recipe-blog

    Recipe-blog is also one of the famous recipes Japanese websites. The most useful function that offers Recipe-blog is that it gives a menu for one week. So when you start to use this website at the beginning of the week, you can know in advance from the list of the menu what you have exactly to buy and prepare. And then, you don’t have to waste money and time to think what you would cook for today’s lunch

    Recipe-blog Website*Japanese Only

    If you use those websites, you can cook real typical Japanese foods, some special Japanese dishes that are a little harder to cook than usually, or even economic foods for one week.
    The only hitch is that they are all in Japanese, so you can try them and also learning the language.