Don’t Miss These 2 Mystic ’Sea of Clouds’ Views in Japan Which Will Amaze You!

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  • The colder months in Japan transform the entire landscape into a dream world filled with mysteries. Experts have already said that early 2018 would see much more snow and fog than usual, and you could see plenty of places covered in them, including temples, bridges, and even entire cities.

    If you are one of those people who wants to witness some amazing ‘sea of clouds’ views in Japan, you shouldn’t miss these two spots that will surely give you goosebumps!

    1. Akashi Kaikyo

    Nature can be both equally fascinating and creepy, especially in the winter and spring months when there is an abundance of fog that overwhelmingly swallows everything. There is no better spine-chilling view than when a giant structure such as Akashi Kaikyo Bridge gets covered up by a menacing sea of clouds.

    Every year, people in Japan and around the world get startled by how jaw-dropping this world wonder looks when it is amidst dense incomparable mist. You may have already heard about the span of Akashi Kaikyo, which is almost 2 km, thus making it a structure that mankind would continue to talk about.

    It is the pride of Kobe and one of the major landmarks in the country. Many people love to visit this megalithic bridge drive across it, especially because of its height, illumination, and the magnificence of Akashi Strait. During misty days, it looks like a scene from a spooky movie or an unearthly structure whose path could lead to totally unknown zones.

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    2. Chichibu

    There are many mountains and parks in Japan which are perfect for witnessing sea of clouds views. However, there is one called Minoyama Park which will make you forget this world. Located in one of the beautiful areas of Saitama called Chichibu, this mountain park has got everything you want, from floral to cloudy views.

    Many people climb up to this park which is situated on Mt. Mino, to enjoy the visual spectacle of ‘unkai’, which is the Japanese term for ‘sea of clouds’. Known as a photographer’s best place to visit, you cannot miss visiting Chichibu to capture its artistic beauty in the dense fog from atop Mt. Mino, especially in the evenings when the area is lit up.

    The reflections of the city lights make you feel blessed and amazed. If you are feeling adventurous, you could always go hiking up Mt. Fuji, which also has a wealth of unkai views!

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    Other Notable Spots

    There are also some popular hiking spots where you can get to meet nature firsthand, such as Mt. Takao in the capital. Also, who could forget Hokkaido, the best place ever to capture all kinds of natural wonders in Japan? The island has so many mountains that offer unkai views like no other.

    However, proper precautions should be taken if you ever plan a trek on any Hokkaido mountain, as it can be dangerous in almost any season. If you are looking for a safe arena where you can go above the clouds, you can head to the famous Hoshino Resort Tomamu where there is a breathtaking observation terrace that many would dream of.

    Hoshino Resort Tomamu Website
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    Sometimes, major cities such as Tokyo and Kyoto get a mist effect that can be captured from an elevated point. However, the aforementioned places are the best as they are mystic. If you are in Japan, do put Kobe and Saitama on your itinerary to visit the Akashi Bridge and Chichibu ‘unkai’ spots!

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