Where is Japan’s Most Dangerous Temple?

  • SPOT
  • The Nageiredo Hall of Mt Mitoku’s Sanbutsu Temple is rumored to be the most dangerous.
    In order to visit, you must first climb a steep mountain path for more than an hour, as Nageiredo Hall is perched on a steep precipice.


    Built in 849 A.D., it is now considered a national treasure.
    Due to the steep path leading up to it, a certain amount of stamina is required to reach the temple grounds.
    A cliff so steep that you won’t believe your eyes!


    The story goes that En-no-Gyojia, a Japanese ascetic, visited Mt. Mitoku and built a temple at its base.
    Using Buddhist magic, he shrunk the temple down to a size so small that it could fit into the palm of his hand.
    Having done so, he then threw it to the top of the steep cliff.

    Tourism information

    As entrance into the temple itself is prohibited, it may only be viewed from the outside.
    There are only a few rare opportunities when a select few may enter the temple grounds.

    Lodging is available nearby, where you can eat your fill of Buddhist vegetarian cuisine, starting with the local specialty tofu.

    Japanese notation:三徳山三佛寺投入堂(みとくさんさんぶつじなげいれどう)
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