Be One With Nature and Visit the 3 Great Gardens of Japan!

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  • A simple walk in the park or garden can sometimes bring some of the most unforgettable experiences you’ll have while on vacation. And when in Japan, one shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit the country’s rich natural havens open all year round for locals and foreigners alike.

    Among the most recommended attractions are the “Three Great Gardens of Japan,” which are tagged as such for the huge space they occupy and the sheer grandeur of the varied flowers, trees, and streams that adorn the place. If you are after a relaxing experience with nature, visiting one of these gardens is a must. See which one is near your location and drop a visit!

    1. Kenroku-en in Ishikawa Prefecture (“Garden That Combines Six Characteristics”)

    Kenroku-en occupies over 25 acres of land and is located outside the prominent Kanazawa Castle. It was first developed by the Maeda clan sometime around the 1620s and has then seen lots of changes as different clans held power.

    Major attractions in this garden include Kasumigaike, a huge pond often described by guests as an open sea with a stone lantern in the shape of a Japanese harp, which is known as the garden’s official symbol. There is also a fountain, a teahouse, and streams that complete the garden’s sense of peace and tranquility.

    If you have a lot of free time while around Kanazawa, taking a stroll in this spacious attraction is definitely worth it!

    Kenroku-en Website

    2. Okayama Korakuen in Okayama Prefecture (“Garden of Pleasure After”)

    Okayama Korakuen occupies around 133,000 square meters and was built by Okayama’s ruler, Ikeda Tsunamasa, around the 1700s. It is creatively designed in a circuit style so that guests can take pleasure in viewing the entire garden from the top of the hills, especially the notable Yuishinzan hills.

    Popular attractions in this garden include its ponds, tea plantations, plum groves, and a Noh stage that was presumably used to host special presentations for Lord Tsunamasa’s guests.

    The garden’s seasonal flowers also offer a special treat for guests, especially during spring. During summer or autumn, the place holds an event called the “Special Late-Night Garden of Dreams” that welcomes guests at nighttime to witness a stunning display of colorful trees and flowers being illuminated by candles.

    Okayama Korakuen Website

    3. Kairakuen in Ibaraki Prefecture (“A Garden for Everyone’s Pleasure”)

    Kairakuen is the youngest of the three gardens, having been built by Lord Tokugawa Nariaki around the 1840s. Compared to the first two, which were originally created as a place for pleasure for their respective ruling lords, this one has been open to the public ever since.

    And if you’re after cherry blossoms and all types of colorful flowers, this place is a great go-to location, especially around February and March. About 100 species of multi-colored blossoms are said to be in this garden along with an extensive display of cedar trees and bamboo groves.

    Kairakuen Website

    Gardens are great spots for relaxation and they can also be go-to places if you want to experience a country’s culture and tradition. If you’re looking for a break away from the city’s loud and festive ambiance, Japan’s three great gardens are great inclusions to your itinerary!