Have You Heard of PPAP Singer Pikotaro’s New Song About Vegetables?

  • Following the fame of the “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen” or “PPAP” song, Pikotaro has recently released a new song. This time, it is about vegetables! The song is in collaboration with Momoiro Clover Z, a Japanese idol group consisting of four girl members. How similar or different is it from PPAP? Is it also easy to learn and dance? Find out below!

    Who is Pikotaro?

    Pikotaro, whose real name is Kazuhito Kosaka, is a Japanese comedian who was born in Chiba Prefecture. He became popular after the release of PPAP on YouTube in August of 2016. It became a viral success due to its comical dance movements, generating millions of views from all over the world. It was hailed the new “Gangnam Style” for being very catchy.

    It is said that Pikotaro came up with PPAP while sitting in his house. That was the moment he got the tune and started writing about it using a pen. He then thought of an apple on his table and it coincided with the can of pineapples he had eaten the other day.

    A month after the video release of PPAP, Pikotaro also released a video tutorial on how to do the dance steps as well as the gestures. He released a longer version of the song in November 2016.

    The New Song

    Pikotaro never runs out of funny ideas. Now, he has collaborated with a J-pop idol group called Momoiro Clover Z, who is also known as MCZ or Momoclo. The group is comprised of four members – Kanako Momota, Shiori Tamai, Ayaka Sasaki and Reni Takagi – who often give energetic performances. They were originally known as Momoiro Clover and was formed by five members. One left the group (Akari Hayami) which led to the adding of the “Z” in their group’s name. Their name is said to imply innocent girls who want to bring happiness into the world.

    Momoiro Clover Z was considered the most popular Japanese female group through the years 2013 to 2017. They can do ballet, gymnastics, and even perform in action movies. They’ve also collaborated with many performers such as the American rock band, KISS. The group can be easily distinguished by the color of their clothes which is similar to that of the Power Rangers (red, yellow, pink, and purple).

    Pikotaro and Momoclo collaborated to create the “Vegetable” song. In line with this, they came up with a collaboration group name, “Momopiko Chan Z.” It is said that Pikotaro wrote the song’s lyrics and edited it many times.

    In the video, the idol group is seen wearing the same outfits they wore in a children’s program called Gu Choki Party. In the new song, they sing and dance with Pikotaro in a plain white room. The song is just two and a half minutes long where they mostly sing about tomatoes and potatoes.

    If you’ve been listening to Pikotaro’s songs in the last few years, then you better check out his new “Vegetable” song. People are quite unsure whether the song targets young children owing to its comical and silly nature, but it can surely catch listeners’ attention. Their voices also seem to be clashing in the song. It’s up to you to judge!

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