Overcome the Japanese Heat With These Special Foods

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  • Japanese way to overcome the summer heat

    Summer is a really good season to hang out, to travel and to get your shopping on. However, in Japan, summer is kind of a difficult season because of its heat. Summer in Japan is very humid and therefore makes you feel even hotter. Plus, many buildings, trains and facilities use air conditioners so that you feel comfortable and cool while indoors. Because of the constant differences in temperature, you get tired fast. But, don’t worry. There are many ways to overcome the summer heat in Japan. Here, I will focus on the foods that will help you feel better!


    Traditionally, Japanese tend to eat Unaju at a specific day during summer. Unaju is a Japanese typical Eel dish. An eel is baked with tasty sauce and served with rice. Eels are said to help our body maintain the energy. That’s why we eat Unaju during summers.

    Seaweed in Vinegar

    Vinegar is a pretty popular seasoning for Japanese food. There are many good reasons to use vinegar with specific foods such as seaweed to overcome the weariness caused by the summer heat. Vinegar eases tiredness and heat flashes, increases appetite, and refreshes you. Seaweed is also known for easing weariness.

    Variety meats

    In Japan, there are numerous barbecue restaurants which are called Yakiniku. Yakiniku is a good food to ease the weariness and give your body some necessary energy. However, there is one especially efficient type of food in Yakiniku restaurants. The food is called “Hormone” in Japanese but it is not actual hormones. They are internal organs of chickens, pork, and cow. I know eating animals’ organs sounds super gross to many of you guys, but it actually tastes really good. Also, organ meats are said to help you maintain energy, and help your skin to keep healthy.

    So there you go, I introduced you three foods that can help you overcome hot and humid Japanese summers, I think those foods might sound a little bit weird for you. However, I’m sure that you will find them tasty and have a better summer in Japan!