The Scenic Amanohashidate Walkway

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    Amanohashidate natural sand-bridge has been rated as the most scenic walkway in Japan.This sand bar is about 3.6 km length and it is covered with pine trees and can be traversed on foot or by bicycle. It takes almost one hour on foot to go from one side to the other.

    This bridge is located in Miyazu area of Kyoto and is open for public in any day of the year for free. Million-dollar views can be found here. If you are on an adventurous person and looking for a nice place for a special date, this is the best place to take your girl for a walk.

    View Land

    There is a mountain called Mt. Monju nearby from where it is possible to have a grand view of this long sand bar. The top of this mountain is accessible by a chairlift or monorail. It takes around 5 minutes to reach the top. There is a ferry ride also. This monorail is not free and the charges would be around 850 yen for adults.

    Kasamatsu Park

    This park is also located above the ground level and has an observatory which provides a spectacular view of the Amanohashidate. You have to look at the bridge bending between your legs, the bridge would look like a part of a suspended garden of heaven. This position might seem awkward but it is really famous in Japan. This is called ‘Matanozoki’.

    There is a cable car service as well for reaching this park area and it is less expensive compared to the one of the View Land. It is 660 yen for a round trip. Moreover, if you do not want to go above the hills, there are frequent boat sight-seeing trips available downhill to surf around the sand bar. Also, there are a few temples around the area.


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