Snorkeling on Hirizo Beach

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    Hirizo beach is located at Minami-Izu, 200 kilometers away from the Tokyo metropolitan. The main activity here is snorkeling. The place is clean and the beach itself has no touristic structure (i.e. restroom and snacks stall). Hirizo beach can be accessed by service boat from the Nakagi Port. You have to pay for the boat for one day trip.


    Since the beach doesn’t provide any facilities, you need to bring your own snacks and tent or sheets to the beach. The beach itself is rockier and can be very crowded during mid-summer. You may leave all your belongings at the beach if you need to go to the restroom. The restroom can be found in Nakagi Port.


    Various sea life can be found there. Be careful, the water can be very cold even in mid-summer. There are so many tropical fish, eels and if you are very good in snorkeling, you might spots sea urchins in between rocks. For a gentle reminder, the sea current might be strong sometimes. Just make sure not to go further to the open sea, passing the lifeguards.

    Other Attractions

    I have been to Hirizo Beach twice, I really recommend the place. Sometimes it can be very crowded, but it still definitely worth coming here. For additional suggestions, we were staying at a lodge near Yumigahama Beach, 13 kilometers away from Nakagi Port.

    We were enjoying BBQ at the lodge and playing ‘hanabi’ at the beach. There were a lot of people enjoying ‘hanabi’ at Yumigahama Beach. You can also go for onsen at the nearby area. Summer is just around the corner. You do not want to miss the beach, barbeque and ‘hanabi’. A must-do activities for this summer!
    Don’t forget to stop by at the Aiai Misaki Rest area near the Nakagi Port for outstanding pictures of Irozaki sea views.