Do You Know These 12 Women Sake Brewers in Japan? Find Out About Them!

  • The conventional idea is that sake (rice wine) making is a man’s job, as it requires manual labor. This is partly the reason why there are usually no women workers in sake breweries in Japan. Now, a few of the sake breweries in the country are actually owned by women, and they have recently collaborated in order to raise awareness about their sake brands. Find out about this project!

    The Project

    There are so many sake breweries in Japan that it becomes hard for a particular brand to stand out among the rest. This is the reason why 12 female sake brewery owners came together in order to raise awareness about their individual brands. They have come up with the collective name, “Kurajo,” for their crowdfunding campaign. Many people have supported them and they have already surpassed their target goal of 1,200,000 yen.

    Backing the project would mean purchasing a 720 mL bottle of sake for 5,500 yen, which is scheduled to be delivered sometime in May 2018. However, there is a possibility that the delivery time may be delayed depending on the situation of the orders, the process of sake making, and other unforeseen circumstances.

    You can also opt to pledge for the 9,000-yen course which allows you to have two bottles of sake and an invitation for one to the opening party on April 14, 2018. Another is the 19,500-yen course which includes four bottles of sake, including “Lady Buddha,” and two invitations to the opening party. If you’d like to have four bottles and four invitations, you can pledge for the 27,000-yen course. Lastly, if you want to buy everything, you can pledge for the 52,500-yen course.

    The Brewers

    1. Watanabe Shuzo (Gifu)
    2. Yoshida Shuzo (Fukui)
    3. Hasegawa Shuzo (Niigata)
    4. Kinginka Shuzo (Aichi)
    5. Sawada Shuzo (Aichi)
    6. Asahi Shuzo (Shimane)
    7. Mukai Shuzo (Kyoto)
    8. Nadagiku Shuzo (Hyogo)
    9. Moriki Shuzo (Mie)
    10. Tabata Shuzo (Wakayama)
    11. Sato Shuzoten (Saitama)
    12. Hirai Shoten (Shiga)

    The sake produced by every brewery is represented by a male image on the bottle. They also come with short descriptions.

    Those who have opening party invitations will be able to attend the event on April 14, 2018, from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. The venue will be at Matsuo Taisha Shrine in Kyoto, which is considered to be the location of the god of sake breweries.

    So if you’d like to support women sake makers in Japan, you can make a pledge here (Japanese only). Your support will surely make a huge difference!

    The Kurajo by The Sakeraku Website *Japanese only

    The Sakeraku Website

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