Meet the Cute Official Mascots of the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo!

  • As with any other Olympic event, there would be official mascots to help celebrate the games, and the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo have recently announced theirs. As expected, they are cute! The two mascots are the creations of Ryo Taniguchi, a Japanese character designer and illustrator born in 1974. The Olympic Games mascot is a male character, while the Paralympic Games mascot is female. Find out more about them!

    Tokyo 2020 Games Mascots

    The blue Olympic Games mascot represents both ancient traditions and latest innovations. Its old-fashioned appeal embodies tradition, while its high-tech vibes reflect modernity. The mascot is also given characteristics and a personality – it looks athletic with a strong sense of justice. Moreover, it is also said to have the ability to teleport.

    On the other hand, the pink Paralympic Games mascot has a cool personality, a “cherry tactile sense,” and mystical abilities. Most of the time it is calm, but it can become very powerful when the situation calls for it. The mascot has a noble inner strength and a good heart. It is fond of nature and could communicate with the stones and the wind. On top of that, it has the ability to move objects just by looking at them.

    Mascot Candidates

    Previously, the shortlist of the candidates for Tokyo 2020 was announced. There were three pairs of mascot finalists chosen from 2,042 public submissions. Elementary school children in Japan were invited to cast their votes for their favorite pair of mascots.

    The election received participation from 205,755 classes at 16,769 schools. The winning pair of mascots, Candidate A, garnered a total of 109,041 votes. The first runner-up, Candidate B, designed by Kana Yano, obtained a total of 61,423 votes. And finally, the second runner-up, Candidate C, designed by Sanae Akimoto, garnered a total of 35,291 votes.

    The results of the election were announced at Tokyo’s Toyonomori Gakuen School, which is one of the schools that took part in the election. There were around 600 children at the school when the announcement was made.

    The mascots will make their official debut sometime around the summer of 2018. They will be given names which will be chosen by a panel. The mascots were an ideal choice due to the mixture of old and new elements which coincides with Tokyo 2020’s branding vision, “innovation from harmony.”

    What do you think of the pair of mascots announced for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo? Personally, though, I prefer the Candidate C mascots, but I think they did not win as they look too traditional. Nonetheless, the winning mascots are also awesome!

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