Savor the Taste of Lobster Rolls at This Popular Restaurant in Japan!

  • In Japan, there is no shortage of wonderful restaurant options to choose from, whether you are looking for beautiful Japanese cuisine or international delights. If you are a foodie or a fan of seafood, you may have heard about the US-based Luke’s Lobster, a restaurant which has developed a cult following because of its unique mouth-watering lobster rolls.

    Guess what? You can enjoy this light lobstery delight at six major locations in Japan. Check them out and find out why they are some of the best places to try lobster!

    Luke Holden

    Maine is a nature-filled state on the East Coast of the United States that is particularly known for its fabulous coastline and fishing community. Luke Holden is a lobsterman from Maine who has come up with unique recipes that continue to gather amazing crowds in front of his shacks. He has laid out a vision to promote sustainable methods of lobster fishing and ethical sourcing of food around the world. As a part of his mission, he started Luke’s Lobster in 2009 in New York where he began cooking handpicked fresh lobsters from Maine.

    Because of his tasty recipes which include not only lobster rolls but also crab and shrimp rolls, he has extended his business all across the US and even to Japan. Implementing the same sustainable practices in Japan, Luke’s Lobster branches in Shibuya, Hiroo, and Omotesando in Tokyo, Kobe, and Yokohama serve some of the best lobster dishes you will ever find in Japan!

    Luke’s Lobster Rolls

    Luke’s Lobster has already made a name for itself in Japan by introducing new dishes such as the Wasabi Lobster Roll to please the taste buds of Japanese customers. You can enjoy lobster meat in baked bread together with a special creamy flavor, which will definitely make you return again and again to the restaurant! In addition to great tasting food, you can actually find the prices quite affordable unlike other lobster eateries out there. With a regular price of 980 Yen, you can fill up on a huge mouthful of seafood roll at Luke’s in Japan. You can also ask for half rolls of lobster, crab or shrimp, instead of one big roll.

    Luke’s also sometimes run promotional and limited edition dishes to promote their brand much more extensively in Japan. You can also find grilled or fried versions of lobsters as well as the rolls for a limited period of time at their store in Hiroo, Tokyo. Also, you can go to their blog here (Japanese only), to learn more about their commitment to sustainability and new additions to the menu. While you devour their rolls, you can complement the taste with either craft beer, ginger ale or simply potato chips!

    The Sustainability Motto

    As mentioned earlier, Luke’s is not just another lobster house, but actually a certified sustainable eating place with strong values and ethical practices incorporated in its processes. Every lobster served on a plate at Luke’s can be traced back to where it came from, including how it has been treated before becoming a quality food item.

    With a dedicated team of both fishermen and chefs, Luke’s is a must visit place if you would like to try lobster in town. They have also gained Certified B company status recently, which again reiterates their commitment towards sustainability. They also contribute to a few research and sustainability foundations such as The Ocean Foundation, and help active fisheries on the coastlines of Maine and Canada.

    Do savor upon delicious Luke’s Lobster rolls when you are in Japan, and appreciate their effort in creating unique recipes and striving to achieve a sustainable way of eating seafood. Also, be sure to check out their Instagram for their events or more pictures of their delicious dishes.


    There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here:

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