Have You Visited the Best Cake Shop in Jiyugaoka Yet?

  • The Japanese just adore their cake shops and bakeries. Despite bread not being a big part of the Japanese diet until relatively recently, bakeries, patisseries, and cafes have gained huge popularity for coffee and cake lovers all over the country. Jiyugaoka is a sweet community with a village-like feel to it, and it is found on the Toyoko line just ten minutes by train from Shibuya Station, and also on the Oimachi line.

    Jiyugaoka is known for its bakeries and cafes, and people flock to the area to shop, walk down the charming, winding streets, and enjoy some coffee and cake. Here is some information about what is regarded by many as the best cake shop in Jiyugaoka, which I had the pleasure of visiting: Patisserie Paris S’eveille.

    Patisserie Paris S’eveille

    This cafe was heavily influenced by western, particularly French, architecture and is easily spotted among the modern shops and buildings on the street. Patisserie Paris S’eveille is located very close to Jiyugaoka Station, making it easily accessible for those traveling by rail. It is also close to popular shops such as UNIQLO.

    It is recommended you visit this cafe on weekdays because it gets very busy on weekends and holidays. We went on a Thursday afternoon, and even so, we had to wait around ten or fifteen minutes for a seat. The interior is a spacious room able to seat 24 people and has a nostalgic European feel to it. It is busy but welcoming, with a display of cakes at the front so you can choose what you’d like to eat before you sit down.

    On the Menu

    There was a delicious selection of cakes available here, ranging from sponge to fruit to chocoholic heaven. They were generously sized; one of these cakes looked to be able to fill you up easily and satisfy your craving. All of the treats on offer looked to be made from high-quality ingredients and were freshly made to serve. Some were rather expensive, though; the cakes ranged from around 500 yen up to around 1000 yen. It is recommended you keep aside around 2000 yen for a visit here.

    The cafe also sold coffee, juice, and tea, which is as most people know, the perfect combination with a cake. The cafe latte I ordered was creamy and tasty, though its price was higher than the average in Tokyo, at over 600 yen. That being said, the quality was evident in the taste.

    Sandwiches are also on offer at this little cafe, and it is the perfect place for a date, a rest after a shopping spree, or a catch-up with friends. As one of the nicest and highest quality cake shops in the town, it is recommended to arrive early and go on a weekday, if possible, to avoid the crowds. You can also take cakes out with you if you would prefer.

    Sitting down for coffee and cake in Japan is like stepping into a sort of mixture of Japanese “omotenashi” hospitality and a romantic European atmosphere. High quality and flavor are prioritized in this charming little cafe, so if you find yourself in need of a sweet treat while exploring the pretty suburb of Jiyugaoka, give Patisserie Paris S’eveille a try.

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