Enjoy Winter With the Snow Monsters of the Zao Mountains in Japan!

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    If you like to ski or snowboard and live in Japan, I am sure that you are familiar with the Zao mountains, a complex of volcanic mountains located on the Prefectural border of Miyagi and Yamagata. You can enjoy various kinds of activity deal with nature.

    From Snowboard, ski, to watching the beautiful Okama Crater Lake, walking around in the botanical garden, ropeway sightseeing, enjoying the natural hot spring and the most interesting thing to see is the Snow Monster, the Zao mountains have a lot to offer.

    Snow Monsters

    Don’t be scared, this snow monster will not bite or hurt you. It’s just Frost Covered Fir Trees that make it looks like big animals or monster figures. Located in Zao mountain range, which is one of the most famous place loved by skiers and snowboarders. You can see this “Snow Monster” from late December to early march from the mountain top or ropeway. Did you know that Zao Snow monster becomes one of the world’s rare natural artworks?

    The snow monsters are famous “Creatures” in Japan and well known as Juhyo or Ice Monsters and if you are in Japan on the first weekend of February, you will have the chance to see The Zao Snow Monster Festival, which takes place at Zao Onsen. In this festival you will see them, plus other popular mascots in a man size like the Zao Onsen mascots, Yamagata Prefecture mascots, as well as other mascots. This festival will definitely make your day truly special, you’ll feel like somewhere in a winter wonderland.

    Please note that if you just want to see the beautiful creatures you don’t need to ski or to snowboard, just take the ropeway and you will be amazed with a Zao Mountain View. And to close your amazing day, make a time to watch Zao beautiful night’s sky from your inn or lodge.

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