6 Things to Do on the Beautiful Hateruma Island in Okinawa

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  • Okinawa is a beautiful group of Japanese tropical islands close to Taiwan, perfect for those looking to escape the winter cold and relax in warmer weather. With gorgeous white sand beaches, delicious food, and plenty of things to do, Okinawa is a very popular destination for vacationers and those looking to discover the unique culture of this great prefecture.

    Hateruma Island is the southernmost island of Japan, about an hour and a half away by ferry from Ishigaki Island. Visiting this charming and quiet island is well worth it, especially for those looking for peace and quiet. Here are six fun things to do on Hateruma Island, which you can do all in one day.

    1. Rent a Bicycle

    A little way up from the ferry port is a place where you can rent bicycles or electric bicycles for the day. This is the best way to get around the island as it is easy to cycle around it in just a few hours. Most of the roads on Hateruma Island are reasonably flat, and cycling is a great way to get around and see the sights.

    2. Go to Nishihama Beach

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    Just a few minutes away from the rental shop is Nishihama Beach, a beautiful stretch of white sand and gentle waves. Leave your bikes and take a stroll down this gorgeous beach; it is very relaxing and refreshing.

    3. Spot Some Goats

    There are goats all over Hateruma Island. While you are cycling around, keep an eye out for these cute little white animals. Just don’t get too close to them in case they get frightened.

    4. See the Southernmost Place in Japan

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    Hateruma Island hosts the spot that is officially the most southern part of Japan, and the cycle there is fun and challenging. Admire the crashing waves on the cliffs and take a photo of what is officially the most southern spot in the country.

    5. Eat Lunch at Yumin Touki

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    Head to the village part of the island (which isn’t more than a few buildings) for a delightful new restaurant that has a great beach house atmosphere.

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    Here you can sample beef that this group of islands is famous for in the form of curry or yakiniku. You can also get unlimited rice with the dinner sets. It is a great place to visit for lunch after you’ve been cycling all morning.


    6. See the Observation Tower

    Especially pretty in the evening, the observation tower is a great place to see this quiet island’s impressive starry skies. Without the artificial lights that you will find in more crowded places, the tower offers spectacular views of the undisturbed night sky.

    This gorgeous and underrated island is well worth a visit, whether you plan to fly in or take the ferry from Ishigaki. Perfect for couples or traveling friends, this spacious and quiet island is incredibly refreshing to shake off the stress of city life. Be sure to add it to your itinerary when you visit Okinawa and all its wonders.

    Hateruma Island Website

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