Watch the Handsome Japanese Actor Yoshizawa Ryo in These 7 Movies This 2018!

  • Japanese entertainment agency Amuse, Inc. has produced popular and successful celebrities such as Masaharu Fukuyama, Dean Fujioka, Miura Haruma, Sato Takeru, and Kamiki Ryunosuke. Following in the footsteps of his senpais, Yoshizawa Ryo is quickly turning into one of the industry’s rising stars!

    Yoshizawa Ryo

    Born on February 1, 1994, Yoshizawa Ryo debuted in the 2011 television series SIGN followed by Kingyo Club. In 2012, he played Ryusei Sakuta (Kamen Rider Meteor) in Kamen Rider Fourze. He went on and took supporting roles in famous live-action titles Daily Lives of High School Boys, The Liar and His Lover, Blue Spring Ride, and Wolf Girl and Black Prince.

    2017 was his breakthrough year. He portrayed Okita Sougo, a prominent Shinsengumi character in the top grossing live-action adaptation of the famous action comedy Gintama, and Shun Kaidou, the adorable friend with a “middle school syndrome” in The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. He also landed the lead role in Tomodachi Game, a television series with a movie conclusion.

    Check out Yoshizawa Ryo in these films this 2018!

    1. Evil and the Mask

    Release date: January 13, 2018

    Based on Fuminori Nakamura’s novel “Aku to Kamen no Ruru,” lead actor Hiroshi Tamaki plays Fumihiro Kuki. His father raised him to be a despicable “cancer” in the world who’d bring misery to everyone. However, in the hopes of protecting the adopted sister whom he’s fallen in love with, Fumihiro kills his own father. He undergoes plastic surgery and obtains a new identity as he gets entangled with complicated matters in this dark story that includes a mix of noir and psychology.

    Yoshizawa Ryo plays Ryosuke Ito in the film.

    2. River’s Edge

    Release date: February 16, 2018

    Based on the manga of the same title by Kyoko Okazaki, River’s Edge focuses on the friendship between angsty ’90s teenagers Haruna Wakagusa and Ichiro Yamada. The latter is played by Yoshizawa Ryo who accepts the challenge of portraying a bullied gay teen character.

    Directed by Isao Yukisada and starring award-winning actress Nikaido Fumi, River’s Edge is a feature film at the Panorama division of the 68th Berlin International Film Festival.

    3. Reon

    Release date: February 24, 2018

    Based on the manga of the same title by Kaori Ookura and Tomohide Kiyoshi, Reon is a gender bender fantasy comedy that features soul switching between its two very different protagonists. After a traffic accident, Reon Takanashi, who just lost her boyfriend and her job, swaps bodies with Reo Asahina, a wealthy womanizing CEO.

    Yoshizawa Ryo plays Toru Ichijo.

    4. Marmalade Boy

    Release date: April 27, 2018

    Based on the hit ’90s shojo manga by Wataru Yoshizumi, Miki Koishikawa and Yuu Matsuura didn’t know each other until their parents decided to switch spouses and live together. Miki is against the ridiculous turn of events but she can’t do anything about it. The live-action movie recreates the famous kissing scene at the infirmary, which marks a turning point in Miki and Yuu’s relationship.

    5. Neko wa Daku Mono

    Release date: June 23, 2018

    Based on the novel by Junko Oyama, the movie stars Erika Sawajiri as Saori Oishi, a former idol who now lives in a quiet countryside as a supermarket clerk. She is not good at communicating with people but she is comfortable with cats. She adopts a male Russian Blue cat named Yoshio. The cat likes her so much that he imagines himself as her boyfriend.

    Yoshizawa Ryo plays Yoshio in human form.

    6. BLEACH

    Release date: July 20, 2018

    Based on the shonen manga by Taito Kubo, BLEACH follows the life of Kurosaki Ichigo as he becomes a substitute Soul Reaper after his encounter with Kuchiki Rukia.

    The movie stars Sota Fukushi and Hana Sugisaki. Yoshizawa Ryo plays Uryu Ishida, Ichigo’s classmate who reveals himself as a survivor from the Quincy clan.

    7. Anoko no Toriko

    Release date: 2018

    Based on the shojo manga series written and illustrated by Yuki Shiraishi, Anoko no Toriko tells the relationship of three childhood friends who share a dream of entering the entertainment industry together. Years passed but main character Yori Suzuki (played by Yoshizawa Ryo) isn’t as successful as he hoped he would be. Now aside from pursuing his career, he also wants to win Shizuku Tachibana’s affection.

    Despite having a youthful and handsome face that is perfect for the romance genre, Yoshizawa Ryo takes a variety of challenging roles that could widen his acting range. It’s only the beginning of 2018 but it already looks like this is going to be another great year for him!

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