Going to Japan’s Ishigaki Island? Consider Staying at This Gorgeous Hotel!

  • Ishigaki is one of the islands of Okinawa, Japan’s southernmost prefecture and what many call a tropical paradise. It is packed with great things to do and many people from mainland cities flock here during their holidays to throw off the stress of the city and relax in the sun for a few days. Many international visitors, especially from nearby Taiwan, also visit this great island.

    Ishigaki Island is known for beautiful beaches, friendly local people, and delicious local black cow “wagyu” beef, which is juicy and of high quality. During your vacation, a highly important part of your trip is where you end up staying. There are plenty of great resorts and hotels on Ishigaki Island. During my stay, I stayed at Beach Hotel Sunshine, and I highly recommend that you do too if you go!

    The Location and Rooms

    Beach Hotel Sunshine is located around ten minutes by car from the main town part of Ishigaki Island and around fifteen minutes from the port, from which you can access nearby islands such as Taketomi and Hateruma. If you book tours, a lot of the free shuttles also leave from Beach Hotel Sunshine, making it a convenient place to stay.

    Ocean view rooms are available with verandas, or you can opt for the less expensive room type with a view of the sugarcane fields.

    The presentation of the hotel is simple and clean, and the reception is spacious and welcoming. The staff are well trained and friendly, and they help customers out with things like booking taxis or dinner reservations.

    The Pool and Facilities

    One of the best things about this hotel is the large pool overlooking the sea. It is shallow and perfect for lounging. There are also some sun chairs so you can sunbathe if you’d prefer. It is just a few steps from the hotel lobby.

    The pool is open from April to September and closed in winter, but after asking the staff if we could have a dip anyway, they said yes. It can never hurt to ask! The pool isn’t heated, but even in winter Ishigaki is quite warm and it proved to be a refreshing swim.

    Author’s photo

    You can have dinner or a drink on the veranda, which is cozy and very romantic to watch the sunset from. It is quite expensive, however, so it might be better to just stay for a drink and then eat in town if you are on a budget. Watching the sun sink on the sea horizon while enjoying a beer is a perfect way to spend an evening at Beach Hotel Sunshine.

    The hotel serves an optional breakfast at the dining area behind the lobby. Even if you do not opt for the breakfast, you can still enjoy the free detox water they have available, which contains different kinds of fruits and is very refreshing as well as healthy.

    There is also a souvenir shop in the lobby, which is very handy if you had not had time to pick up souvenirs previously. Souvenirs, or “omiyage,” are very important in Japanese culture. You can get wagyu beef jerky, accessories, bags, and sweets at the hotel shop.

    I highly recommend staying at this beautiful four-star hotel in which you can relax and let your tension melt away. The simple beauty at this island resort is great medicine for those who are stressed with their busy schedules. With its good location, nice facilities, and helpful staff members, it is a great place to stay during your time on the magnificent Ishigaki Island.

    Check out more information on rooms, rates, and facilities here!

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