4 Types of Cute and Original Sticky Notes

  • After living in Japan for 10 years, I’ve come across my fair share of stationery stores and the one thing I cannot get enough is the sticky notes!
    I have accumulated quite a collection during my time at middle school and high school and I would like to introduce to you a few that I found useful/original/fun.

    1. Cocofusen

    There are various versions of this product, but the one that I use the most is the cocofusen CARD. The cocofusen CARD is a 1.5 mm thick card shaped sticky note holder that holds 210 thin sticky notes or 105 normal width sticky notes. You can refill the card with more sticky notes that can be bought separately. I constantly keep a card of these sticky notes in my pencil case along with a separate pack of refills. They take NO space with my pencil case and I survived my senior year of high school with these sticky notes.
    Cocofusen also offers sticky notes that are in little packages that can be stuck onto any surface. I have one of these stuck to the inside of my planner so I can always have a pack when I don’t have my entire pencil case.

    Kanmido “cocofusen serie”*Japanese Only

    2. Flower Sticky Notes

    These are some adorable flower sticky notes. I’ve never had the chance to use them myself but each flower petal is an individual sticky note and you can stick the flower into your pen stand as an accessory and you’ll have the chance to see a flower blooming on your desk.
    This flower sticky note is available in four colors: blue, pink, purple, and yellow.

    3. Leaf-it

    Leaf-its are various realistic leaf shaped sticky notes! If you post them up together around your computer or your wall, it looks like you have a whole tree growing or ivy leaves growing around your computer!
    There are six variations of the leaf-its: ginkgo, maple, oak, ivy, cherry blossom and birch.






    Cherry Blossom

    It is possible to purchase these products from Appree website or Koncent website.

    4. List-it

    This is something that I’ve always wanted because when I don’t have papers to jot down things I need to remember, I always end up writing it all over my hand. There are obviously many problems with doing this including not being able to wash your hands or partaking in sports without risking your important memo to get wiped off of your hand. They even have waterproof list-its so you can go swimming with your list-it on your arm!

    You can purchase these products from Mojimoji shop

    Stationery are very popular in Japan and a lot of people are very particular about the types of things that they keep around their desk (I am definitely one of those people). Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this little introduction to fun sticky notes!