Visit This Unique Cafe in Osaka with Color, Art, and Tasty Desserts!

  • Are you into rainbows, fluffy clouds, and cute circus animals? Then you’ll surely love the concept of ECONECO Cafe & Sweet, a newly opened cafe in Osaka. ECONECO is actually a brand from an illustrator which sells different merchandise such as stationery, sundries, mobile goods, and more.

    The cafe, on the other hand, is a unique representation of the brand. It looks more like a brushwork of the fantastic colors which jumped out from an imaginary world and is a great cafe to come and relax and indulge in delicious treats.

    About ECONECO and its Characters

    Econeco is a Japanese illustrator who is popular for his Animal Parade Magical Circus Coloring Book. The book is full of magical circus animals doing different poses. Other than books, the illustrator is also known for his illustrations on bed covers, cosmetics, storage items and many more! There are several characters you can find in his Animal Parade illustrations. Let me introduce some of them.

    • Unita, the “Unicorn of Happiness” – she carries sweet pancakes on her back and is also called the “Pancake Unicorn”.
    • Lucia, the “Champagne Tower Elephant” – she carries fragrances, cosmetics, accessories, ribbons and other girly items on her back.
    • Souffle, an artistic-born Polar Bear – he carries tropical fruits owing to his longing for the cheerful Southern Island.
    • Myu – a cute cat covered in stars.
    • Sara- another cute cat who dreams of becoming a ballerina.
    • Epi – a fishing rabbit who patiently waits to catch a rainbow-colored fish.
    • Happy Twin Birds- a pair of birds that whisper love.
    • Chiquita – a chicken that sings melody in the morning.
    • Anita – a stylish poodle that walks gracefully in heels.
    • Ruffle – a cat who aims to become a drum master.
    The Cafe

    ECONECO Cafe & Sweets is an exact representation of the Animal Parade, together with the brand’s Kiss Doll items. The cafe has a basement dedicated to Kiss Doll stuff. The popular heart shower art can be found here as well. The place has so many details which make it perfect for taking pictures and selfies.

    They also serve delicious food such as soft served ice cream, shaved ice, crepes, sandwiches, pancakes, and other kinds of desserts. Their dishes are beautifully prepared in accordance with the theme. They also serve coffee and tea.

    It is definitely a fun place for those who love cute, pink stuff. You can also purchase some items in the cafe such as the ever-popular Unita, the Pancake Unicorn Kiss Doll for 5,994 yen. Another popular item is the Lavisia Body Milk which comes in two packaging styles. It costs 1,620 yen. If you’d love to purchase more ECONECO items, you can visit their official online shop here (Japanese only). The cafe is open from 10:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

    ECONECO Cafe & Sweet is a paradise for dessert lovers in Osaka. It is also a nice place to get to know Econeco’s illustrations, particularly the characters of the Animal Parade. It is very easy to spot the store in Shinsaibashi owing to its cute appearance. The whole setting of the cafe will help you with your Instagram-worthy shots!

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