Is Japan Really Expensive?

  • When people think about Japan particularly for living or a holiday, one of the most common ideas is the rumour that Japan is an expensive country. To some extent, of course, Japan cannot be considered a very cheap country. It is true that the price for property, transportation, and education in Japan is quite high. But the term ‘high’ can be relative if you do compare it with other ‘cheaper’ countries and have no idea about the standard of salary here.

    There are many things in Japan that people will pay less than in other countries. This fact is surprising, but there are many things in Japan that are quite affordable, moreover if it is mostly stuff that would be expensive in your country. So what is it that’s actually more affordable in Japan?

    1. Cars

    Surprisingly, cars are way cheaper in Japan. Buying second hand or new car here is cheaper than in the other countries. If you live in Japan, it is not difficult for you to possess a car as long as you have a license.

    2. Electronics

    Electronic items in Japan are considered more modern. More importantly you can find them for a cheaper price. You can pay even less than that when you get secondhand items. For example, in Japan MacBook is cheaper than in many other countries. So when you have a holiday here, you can plan to buy one.

    3. Fashion

    There are many cheaper fashion brands in Japan. Brands like Forever21, H&M and Gap are a lot cheaper than in the other Asian countries. Moreover, a Japanese brand, UNIQLO is surely way cheaper here than it is abroad.

    4. Cosmetics

    Another thing is cosmetics. You can find cheap cosmetics everywhere especially in Japanese drug stores. Moreover, Japanese brands such as Shiseido and Kose are way cheaper in Japan. Cheaper perfumes are also easy to find.

    5. Tourist spots

    In Japan, some tourist places are free of charge. And the other places have very low entrance fees. If you visit temples in Kyoto for example, you surely won’t spend as much as you thought it was.

    6. Seafood

    This place is a heaven for seafood lovers. Affordable salmon, clamps and carps are everywhere. 100 yen for 1 slice of salmon is a common find. Yeah, Japan is a country where the seafood is cheaper than vegetables.

    7. Sweets

    Sweets include cakes, ice creams, beverages, chocolate and whatever you can find in a supermarket. In addition, Japanese sweets are so good. Don’t worry about not being able to buy sweets here!

    8. 100 yen shops

    Lastly and as you may know, you can find everything in 100 yen shops. You can find good quality items for only 100 yen here. From stationary, kitchen utensil, ceramics, foods and drinks, accessories, and etc. So don’t miss 100 yen shop if you are in Japan.

    So, still think that Japan is an expensive country?