This Japanese Taxi Firm is Looking for Bilingual Sightseeing Taxi Drivers!

  • The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics is expected to attract many overseas visitors to the country. This means that there is a growing need for transportation such as taxis.

    In line with this, Hinomaru Kotsu Co. Ltd. has started an exciting initiative to hire foreign drivers to work in their taxi industry. It will also support the Tokyo Sightseeing Taxi Program which is expected to help foreigners feel welcomed to the country. Are you interested? Find out more!

    About Hinomaru

    Hinomaru Kotsu Co. Ltd. was founded on August 15th, 1991. Its President/CEO is Kazutaka Tomita. It has several branches in the country. Its head office is in Bunkyo, Tokyo. The goal of the company is to provide a safe and comfortable ride for every customer.

    In order to do this, they teach their employees the essence of mutual trust in their training. They are popularly known for their LIMO TAXI which provides a luxurious service to tourists, particularly foreign people.

    They provide a very comfortable service which is door-to-door at a reasonable price. This kind of service is recommended for big families, elderly people, and those who want to have privacy.

    The “Tokyo Sightseeing Taxi Program”

    Hinomaru provides varieties of sightseeing services such as Airport Flat Fare, Tokyo Disney Resort Flat Fare, Wagon Taxi, Nadeshico Taxi, Taxi Rakunori, Worldwide Service, Child Care, and Tokyo Sightseeing Taxi.

    The Tokyo Sightseeing Service allows people to travel with no stress. It has a special driver who is specialized in tourism and is eager to provide knowledge about Japanese culture and sightseeing places to its passengers.

    What’s great is they can speak English! This service also allows passengers to create their own sightseeing route. This is also highly recommended to people who are first-timers in Japan.

    Tokyo Sightseeing Taxi Website

    How to Become a Bilingual Sightseeing Taxi Driver

    In order to accommodate the growing number of visitors in the country and to prepare for the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, Hinomaru Taxi has recently welcomed foreign people to their taxi industry. Requirements include the following:

    • Speaks Business Level English
    • Speaks Business Level Japanese
    • Currently resides in Japan
    • Has had a valid driver’s license for over 3 years

    Positions will include Tour Operators and Tour Guides. This is ideal for those who love meeting new people. Taxis have built-in navigation systems which drivers will be trained to use. The main goal is to transport customers from Narita to Haneda airport which means a good portion of the customers will be visiting tourists.

    Drivers are given a 180-minute break time. They are allowed to have lunch wherever they want. They are also given 233 days off per year with an annual income of 4,000,000 yen. They are also given a lot of personal time since they only need to work 11 times per month. This means they can also do other side businesses on days off. The company is continuously hiring people of different nationalities.

    So, if you have what it takes then you’d better apply now! Taxi driving is surely a thriving and well-paying position in Japan. It is also a good choice if you’d like to help people learn more about the country’s beauty by guiding them before getting around on their own!

    Hinomaru Foreign Workers Recruitment Website *Japanese Only

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