Immerse Yourself In Japanese Culture with These 2 Fun Tokyo Activities!

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  • Are you interested in learning about Japanese culture? Why not become a Samurai in Tokyo or stroll down Shitamachi in casual kimono? Yes, you can now do these two culturally rich activities which are regarded one-of-a-kind!

    With so many cool things to try in Japan, you should put these activities on your bucket list this year! Let’s check out what these two activities have to offer.

    Become a Samurai

    Your dream of becoming a samurai is now a piece of cake. Hotel Chinzanso, a five-star hotel located in Bunkyo, Tokyo, has recently added two plans in order for guests to experience authentic Japanese culture.

    First is the Samurai Workshop which is followed by a Private Samurai Show. The Samurai Workshop allows guests to learn some sword techniques in 90 minutes. This also includes a lecture on the Japanese traditional notions of beauty in form and spirituality. A group of 2-5 persons costs 90,000 yen. Additional guests will have to pay 12,000 yen. It is important to make reservations at least one week in advance.

    The Private Samurai Show allows guests to have an exciting theatrical excitement as well as fine dining. This experience lasts around 120 minutes, with 90 minutes for the show and 30 minutes for dining. Guests will be able to enjoy “kaiseki” or traditional Japanese cuisine. This activity costs 700,000 yen for two guests. Additional guests will have to pay 25,000 yen.

    These activities will be led by Tetsuro Shimaguchi of “Kengishu-Kamui,” a group of Samurai Sword Artists. They are only available during weekdays until December 28, 2018. For reservations, please call them on 03-3943-1111. Also, take note that these are exclusive activities for stay-in guests of the hotel.

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    Stroll around Shitamachi in Casual Kimono

    Another culturally rich activity you can try is located in Shitamachi. If you’ve been curious about the kimono world then this activity will give you a lot of answers. You will be guided by two hosts, Junko and Yui, who will meet you for your reserved schedule.

    You’ll be learning a lot from them about the history of kimono as well as the trendy styles. One of the hosts can speak fluent English so there’s no need to worry about a communication barrier. You can choose from many options to wear. You’ll be taught how to wear a kimono through a step-by-step process. After this is the most enjoyable part because you will be able to stroll your kimono in town!

    You’ll tour Shitamachi and the area’s downtown streets. After a long walk, you’ll be able to enjoy eating some sweets and drinking Japanese tea. It is also a perfect time to chat. The total time for this activity is 3 hours, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. The total cost is 9,200 yen per head.

    The activity requires a minimum of 3 participants. In the event that it doesn’t reach the ideal number, the reservation will be canceled. If you’ll be doing this activity during the spring season, it will definitely be memorable as you’ll also get a chance to enjoy the cherry blossoms.

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    These two culturally rich activities pretty much sum up the exciting aspects of Japanese traditions. Besides being enjoyable, the activities also give guests a chance to make friends with other participants. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert because as long as you love Japanese culture, your experience will surely be worthwhile! These activities are available in 2018 so you’d better make your reservation now!