Kit Kat Has Done It Again! Taste the New Limited Onsen Manju Kit Kat in Japan!

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  • Take a break after bathing and relaxing in a Japanese hot spring or onsen. Indulge in this newest limited Kit Kat flavor!

    Japanese Onsen

    Japanese hot springs, also known as onsen, are among the most popular places to experience traditional Japan. Bathing in an onsen is closely tied to religion and healing. It is also a place where one usually communes with nature.

    According to Japan’s Hot Spring Law or “onsenhou,” a natural spring that contains a specific amount of natural minerals must have a temperature of over 25 degrees to be considered an official onsen. Onsens are of different qualities depending on the water’s mineral content and its amount.

    For instance, a carbon dioxide onsen has 100 milligrams or more of released carbonic acid for every 1 kilogram of hot spring water. This onsen is sometimes referred to as a “bubbly spa” or “soda spa” and is known to help lower blood pressure. The water in a sodium bicarbonate saline onsen is known as “water of beautiful skin” because sodium bicarbonate helps make skin soft and gentle. The presence of the different minerals in the water is also beneficial to relieving various pains and ailments.

    Onsen Manju

    “Onsen manju” literally means “hot spring steamed buns.” It is said to have originated at the Ikaho Onsen in Gunma Prefecture and its golden brown color represents the “Kogane no Yu” or “Golden Water” color of the hot spring waters. This delicacy can be eaten prior to bathing in the onsen or bought as a souvenir, as onsen manju are sold exclusively in hot spring resorts or towns.

    Manju is a traditional Japanese confectionery with red bean paste wrapped around in dough and is cooked by steaming. There are many types of manju and onsen manju is one of them.

    KITKAT Onsen Manju Taste

    In 2017, Kit Kat introduced the limited hot spring series, KITKAT Zeitaku Matcha. This 2018, Kit Kat recreates the hot spring steamed buns through the KITKAT Onsen Manju Taste! Similar to an actual onsen manju, this Kit Kat is just as sweet, with the outer chocolate imitating the color of the manju’s dough. Inside the KITKAT Onsen Manju is the wafer sandwiched between cream containing red bean powder.

    The KITKAT Onsen Manju is sold in packs of 14 individually wrapped chocolate at 900 yen (excluding tax). Each of the individual Kit Kat has different designs on the packaging featuring Neko Hyakkei, which are Japanese cat characters available as souvenirs in onsens.

    The KITKAT Onsen Manju is available in 21 hot spring resorts across Japan, including Noboribetsu Onsen in Hokkaido; Akiu Onsen and Iwaki Onsen in Tohoku; Kinugawa Onsen, Nasu Onsen, Kusatsu Onsen, and Hakone Onsen in Kanto; Yuzawa Onsen, Atami Onsen, Itoh Onsen, Isawa Onsen, Gero Onsen, Unazuki Onsen, Kaga Onsen, and Hida Takayama Onsen in Chubu; Arima Onsen and Shirahama Onsen in Kinki, Dogo Onsen and Tamatsukuri Onsen in Chugoku and Shikoku; and Beppu Onsen and Yufuin Onsen in Kyushu.

    Have a taste of this one-of-a-kind Kit Kat. On your next visit to a Japanese onsen, make sure to get your hands on the onsen manju and the onsen manju-flavored Kit Kat!

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