Japan, the all-you-can-eat country!

  • How Japanese recover from the tiring days of work is they get stuffed with a variety of foods over the weekends or holidays, better make sure you save room for desserts and let’s see how much you can handle in 2-3 hours of lunching or dining in an all-you-can-eat buffet. Apart from being health conscious, many restaurants offer a wide range of dishes for vegetarian and carnivore people who like veggies, sushi, salads with matching fruits and soups. Below is the list of some of most popular buffet styles.

    Sushi and Grill Buffet

    This is popular type of buffet in Japan which features a wide selection of sushi, meat and bottomless drinks. If you’re looking for an authentic japanese taste, these may be the perfect place for you to indulge along with your family and friends. Try and experience the classy taste of this restaurant which features great presentation of meals on your table at a reasonable price.

    Sweets Overload

    Japan has an amazing range of restaurants that offer all-you-can-eat desserts such as tarts, pastries, pies, salads, cakes and etc. Sweet Paradise in Shibuya and some other parts of Japan are very popular among sweet lovers, particularly with different types of cakes to choose from and a colorful atmosphere that is kind of tempting.

    All cakes buffet service for your sweet tooth. Same as Sweet Paradise Buffet, but grown in style and has a wider range of dishes such as desserts, pizzas, pastas, salads and meats.

    Pizza and Pasta Buffet

    Just in case you prefer to have a non full-course meal, you might want to drop-by and get to handpick your own pizza and pasta while at some restaurants the foods are served by a waiter/waitress with loads of pizza to choose from. Shakey’s all you can eat pizza and pasta, is worth trying when you visit Japan because of it’s affordable price and a variety of toppings offered at your most convenient time, lunch and dinner.

    Shakey’s Pizza website *Japanese only

    Shakey’s Pizza

    A couple of reminders, when you’re on a diet, being a vegetarian is the best option and to have light but complete meals on a regular basis. You need to drink plenty of water to digest all the foods. Be a smart consumer, once you drive past an all you can eat restaurants, make sure you know the pricings because they may vary on different days and time.

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