What kind of village is regarded as the “most beautiful village in Japan”?

  • There is a non-profit organization in Japan called “Most Beautiful Villages in Japan” that promotes the preservation of culture and scenery of agriculture and fishery-based villages in Japan.
    The criteria for membership in the organization is that the village must have its own scenic and regional culture that cannot be experienced elsewhere in Japan.
    It must have cultural charactferistics and beauty that stands out even beyond the already distinctive nature of Japan.
    Seven of those villages will be introduced here.


    This is a farming town that concentrates on field crops such as potatoes, wheat, and sugar beets, creating a beautiful landscape.

    Japanese notation:美瑛町


    The “crane”, which has been designated as a special natural monument in Japan, resides in this town.
    More than 1,000 bird sightings have been confirmed throughout Japan, and close to half of them were close to the village of Tsurumimura.

    Japanese notation:鶴居村
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    Eighty percent of the village is covered with forest, and the land is abundant in natural beauty, including a beautiful lake.

    Japanese notation:北塩原村


    The town of Kisomachi has been the center of political, economic and cultural activity since ancient times.
    It is one of Japan’s four major barrier towns, and even today has the appearance of a mature posting station.

    Japanese notation:木曽町
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    You can walk around the traditional townscape as if you were in a time warp.

    Japanese notation:南木曽町


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    The streets of Akazawa are composed of traditional buildings, stone walls, slopes and stone steps, keeping the village landscape in harmony with the surrounding mountains.
    In order to protect this tradition, events and activities are still held throughout the year for the purpose of preservation and revival.

    Japanese notation:早川町
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    The rural landscape that spreads from the foot of Mt. Yoteizan, known as the “Ezo Fuji” in Hokkaido, provides a feeling of strength and tenderness.
    Especially in early summer, the scenery consists of vivid lilac potato flower blooms against a green background.

    Japanese notation:京極町