Join the Biggest Beer Garden Event at Tokyo’s Hibiya Park This May 2018!

  • The biggest beer garden event will be held at Tokyo’s Hibiya Park in May 2018. Various kinds of beer and liquor will be served, paired with authentic dishes from different countries. There will also be live music performances as the event aims to provide a comfortable space for people to enjoy drinking delicious alcohol in a stylish outdoor space. Find out more about Hi beer Garden 2018!

    Hibiya Park

    Hibiya Park is considered to be the oldest Western-style park in Japan. It used to belong to the feudal families during the Edo period and was a ground for military exercises and drills in the past. It only became a public park in 1903.

    The park is divided into two large flower gardens – tulips and roses. Aside from those, there are other seasonal flowers that bloom throughout the year, which makes the place very relaxing to visit. You will also come across several interesting artifacts when you take a stroll in the park, many of which are gifts from foreign governments.

    There is a famous restaurant in the park called HIBIYA Matsumotoro. It is popularly known for its massive, 400-year-old ginkgo tree in front.

    Hibiya Park hosts many events in a year. Its outdoor spaces are commonly used for music events while its flower park for festivals. It is definitely the perfect location for a beer garden event!

    Hi beer Garden 2018

    Hi beer Garden 2018 will be held at Hibiya Park, Tokyo on May 18 to 27, 2018, where different craft beer from Germany, the UK, Scotland, Belgium, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Singapore, France, and America will be featured. Of course, there will also be Japanese craft beer.

    This beer garden event will be from 4:00 PM to 10:30 PM on weekdays, and from 11:00 AM to 10:30 PM on weekends.


    Tickets for Hi beer Garden 2018 are currently on sale at varying prices. Some of these tickets will allow you access to different areas of the venue:

    1. Hibiya Garden 2018 Drink & Food Ticket (4,000 yen) – available in all stores and entitles you to food and drinks worth 4,000 yen
    2. Martini Garden Lounge Drink & Food Ticket (1,000 yen) – available at the Martini Garden Lounge and entitles you to food and drinks worth 1,000 yen
    3. Hibiya Garden 2018 Makuake Pass – a special pass that you can purchase once you buy food and beer
    4. Martini Garden Lounge Free Admission Pass – a free pass to the Martini Garden Lounge from 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM (doesn’t include any food or drink)

    Take note that these tickets have expiration dates.

    Hi beer Garden is just one of the many beer festivals and events in Japan. The live performances of rock and jazz music will definitely complete the event and get everyone in the mood for fun, so be sure not to miss it this May 2018!

    Hi beer Garden Website *Japanese only

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