The Flower Lovers’ Guide to Japan

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  • When you are travelling around the world and more specifically in Japan, it is always interesting to find places where you can contemplate the beauty of various flowers. Indeed, lover or not, you might be amazed by the colorfulness and the scent of such places. Furthermore, you’ll find all sorts of flowers from amusing to strange shapes and sometimes you’ll even realize that the same flowers of your childhood grow here, thousands kilometers away from your hometown.

    Here are only a few but heartily recommended areas.

    Hokkaido Furano Flower Fields

    Skunk Cabbage

    First of all, a must-visit when you are in Japan, the very famous Hokkaido Furano Flower Fields!
    These fields are by far the most famous in Japan because they are filled with countless amount of lavenders offering beautiful purple scenery. However, what people do not usually know is that there are plenty of other wonderful flowers such as Lupines, Tulips or even Sunflowers! Moreover, there are several types of alpine and field flowers that I advise you to see. For instance, you might find Kobushi Magnolia, Kamchatka Rhododendron or even fancier flowers like the eastern Skunk Cabbage!


    Flower Park in Kagoshima

    Another great place is the Flower Park in Kagoshima, Satsuma Prefecture.

    It is a massive park with over 500,000 plants of more than 2,400 different species! In this park you can find typical local flowers but also many other species from tropical regions such as Brazil or Australia. If you are not from the tropical regions it will give you a jungle sentiment!

    Flower Park in Kagoshima website

    Kameido Shrine

    Then, sometimes you do not have time or money to travel all the way to Hokkaido or Kagoshima, therefore here is a very recommended place in Tokyo, the Kameido Shrine!

    It was built in the 17th century and it is home for stunning Fuji Flowers. It is actually one of the must-visit spots in Tokyo as in the spring there are also Ume(plum trees) blooming which offers an amazing view of the shrine. By the way, if you are lucky you might arrive on time for the Wisteria Festival, it is lovely!

    Kameido Shrine website *Japanese only

    Gunma flower park

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    Our last recommended Flower Park is in Gunma Prefecture, not far from Toyko. This flower theme park not only offers a wide variety of flowers in both Japanese style garden and English style garden, but also in the other sections of the park. It is located near the Mount Akagiyama and therefore the scenery is just splendid!

    Kameido Shrine website *Japanese only

    There are several flower parks both wild and managed by people, so if you have time you should definitely search for more!

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