4 Original Ideas of Unique Japanese Souvenirs

  • If you visit Japan and you are wondering about the souvenirs you would like to offer to your family and your friends. Here 4 original and helpful ideas.

    1. The Sushi Pillow

    Maybe because so many people associate sushi to Japan if you give this pillow as a gift, no one will doubt that you were in the country of the rising sun. And it would be a really good souvenir for the gourmet of all countries who like good Japanese dishes and, of course, sushi.

    2. The Samurai umbrella

    Brilliant !! Second one is a samurai umbrella. Whether you have interests in Japan or not, this idea would attract you by its originality. If you give it to someone who has seen samurai movies or animes and longed for them maybe it is going to help him become a great samurai!

    3. The Japanese whisky “Yamazaki”

    Yamazaki is a really famous whisky all over the world. Actually they are evaluated as the best in the World Whisky Bible of 2015. If you know someone who likes whisky this is going to be a good souvenir.

    4. Japanese Green Tea Pack

    Japanese green tea or “Macha” is a special tea and the taste is really different from the European ones. In addition, most Japanese people drink green tea in daily life, so if you buy it for someone as a souvenir he or she can share a little of the Japanese daily life and their culture.