Japan’s Newest Coca-Cola Frozen Drink Is Here to Keep You Cool This Summer 2018!

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  • Summer is fast approaching and one of the best ways to beat the heat is to drink something cold and refreshing. In this regard, Coca-Cola has always been a steady player in the beverage market. Over the years, they have not only steadily topped the sales when it comes to soda, but they have also come up with a number of creative and unique variations of their signature drink, including limited edition ones.

    For example, earlier in 2018, they released Coca-Cola Peach in Japan. We all thought that that was it for this year’s new release. So imagine our surprise when Coca-Cola released yet another new product!

    Coca-Cola Frozen Lemon

    Starting April 16, 2018, Coca-Cola’s new product, Coca-Cola Frozen Lemon, will be available in stores all over Japan. We have great expectations for this new drink!

    The lemon flavor by itself was not a big hit when it was first released in 2005, and even when it was rebooted in 2014, people still did not care too much for the flavor. However, Coca-Cola mentioned that they have come up with a new formula this time that is perfect for a refreshing frozen drink. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

    Now, here comes the fun part. It is good that they have updated the flavor so that the blend of lemon is better, but what really caught people’s attention is this new drink’s packaging. The new Coca-Cola Frozen Lemon comes in a resealable pouch that allows the consumer to enjoy that smooth sherbet texture of the drink. It is certainly a new way to drink soda!

    Not only is the new Coca-Cola pouch convenient, it is also said to be the first in the world when it comes to frozen beverages. It took them eight years and 100 prototypes to perfect this product. All that time and effort made Coca-Cola confident that their new packaging will be a game changer for frozen beverages.

    Fanta Frozen

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    In fact, they are so confident in the new packaging that they are also releasing two of their Fanta flavors in the Frozen form! The two flavors will be Fanta Frozen Orange and Fanta Frozen Grape. All three Frozen drinks will be sold at a suggested retail price of 130 yen.

    Japanese people are certainly lucky because as of now, these new drinks are only going to be released in Japan and there is no news yet if they will be made available to the rest of the world.

    There are a lot of things we love about the summer season, but it does not mean we enjoy the humidity and the excruciating heat we sometimes have to suffer. With that said, cold, refreshing drinks are very much appreciated during this time. But aside from that, there is just really something about a cold Coca-Cola drink that perks you right up.

    Personally, as a fan of cold drinks in general, I’m really looking forward to tasting one of these new offers from Coca-Cola and I’m certainly hoping that it meets all of our expectations!

    Coca-Cola Japan Website *Japanese only