Hokkaido Milk and Other Dairy Products: The Best in Japan

  • Hokkaido is the largest of 47 Japanese prefectures and is located in the north of Japan, the closest one to Russia. This amazing prefecture’s biggest city is Sapporo, the capital. Sapporo is the home of Sapporo Snow Festival, one of the biggest snow festival in the world. You will be amazed with big snow sculptures that decorate the city during winter.

    Hokkaido is also well-known for its delicious and high-quality dairy products. In fact, Hokkaido produces 50% of total Japan’s milk, 90% of Japan’s natural cheese. Cheese, yoghurt and ice cream are another specialty of Hokkaido. In other prefectures in Japan, you will find that Hokkaido’s dairy products are relatively more expensive compared to other dairy products from different prefectures due to its freshness and high-quality.

    Hokkaido Milk Products

    The perfect climate of Hokkaido, the cool summertime, the fresh air and the availability of wide and green lands made the cows live in a good and unstressed environment. So, it produces a very good quality of milk.

    Hokkaido Sweets

    Due to its high quality of dairy product, many famous national confectionery makers were born in Hokkaido. Even Sapporo city is labeled as the “Kingdom of Sweets”.


    And if you have a chance to visit Hokkaido, it’s highly recommended to visit ODORI BISSE close to Odori Park, Odori bisse is a shopping place that is dedicated to sweets, you can try various kinds of sweets from Hokkaido’s most famous confectioners.

    ODORI BISSE *Japanese Only

    Sapporo Sweets Café

    Another place that you should visit is Sapporo Sweets Café in the basement of Odori, here you can try dairy products from a place where it’s quite far from the city center. So if you have just limited time in Sapporo city and want to try many kinds of dairy products from different places, this Sapporo Sweets Café is the best option.

    Sapporo Sweets Café*Japanese Only