The 6 Beautiful Prefectures of Tohoku

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  • Tohoku region in the northern part of Japan has six beautiful prefectures that are rich with nature and abundant resources from the sea and the mountains. This region is one of Japan’s most beautiful. We will review it for you!

    Miyagi Prefecture

    Located in the northwestern part of Japan in a heart of Tohoku region, center of its political and economic activity, Sendai city is the largest city in the region. Miyagi is the home of Matsushima Island rewarded with one of The Three Most Scenic Views in Japan title, ranked at three stars by “Michelin Green Guide Japon” of France and many others awards due to its natural beauty. The famous historical hot-spring of Akiu, Sakunami and Naruko Hotsprings are also located in this prefecture

    Fukushima Prefecture

    Out of all Tohoku region’s prefectures, Fukushima is the closest to Tokyo. It is one of the biggest producers of peaches and various kinds of fruits due to its perfect climate. It is notable for its Soma Nomaoi festival, which is the best horse festival in the world and has over 1000 years of history, you can see this festival on Last Saturday, Sunday and Monday of July. Fukushima is also famous for Ouchijuku, “The Inn Town”, which was built during the 17th century and you can still see it now.

    Aomori Prefecture

    Aomori prefecture is located in the northern part of Tohoku region, surrounded by the sea from many directions makes it abundant in sea resources, the famous “Oma Tuna” comes from this beautiful prefecture. It is well known for its Nebuta Festival which is included in “100 Soundscape of Japan”. Its Shirakami Mountain was included in Natural World Heritage list, you can also visit the mystical lake of Towada and Hirosaki Castle for some historical value.

    Akita Prefecture

    It is known for its Kakunodate or Samurai mansions that were used by Samurai clan over 200 years ago. These preserved mansions are one of the main attractions of this prefecture, you can travel back in time and explore the mansions which are made of black wood and look very beautiful during Hanami season(Cherry Blossom Viewing) due to the contrast in color.

    The Women of Akita are regarded as the most beautiful women in Japan known as Akita Bijin (秋田美人).

    Iwate Prefecture

    It is the second largest prefecture after Hokkaido. With its capital city of Morioka, Iwate is the home of two famous national parks which include Hiraizumi area which is regarded as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Iwate is also famous as the producer of Maesawa Beef, one of the highest quality beef in Japan, rich in flavor and carefully bred by the farmers. The most famous festival from this prefecture is Morioka Sansa Odori which is held in the first week of August, 20,000 dancers and 10,000 drummers (which is the biggest number in the world) participate in this four days festival.

    Yamagata Prefecture

    Yamagata is famous for its 1100 years old historical temple of Risshaku-ji located in beautiful high place called Yamadera. Yamadera is a popular tourism and hiking spot with its beauty in every season. This prefecture is surrounded by the mountains which are included in “100 famous mountains of Japan”. This prefecture is also famous with fresh and delicious fruits and fruit picking activity. Yamagata Maiko or Apprentice Geishas still exist in this prefecture and entertain the guests with the Japanese traditional songs and dances.