How to Meet Real Geishas in Japan

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  • It is no doubt that many people are curious to know the appearance of a real Geisha. In Japan, Geishas can be found in Kyoto. Geishas, the ladies with white painted face, wearing a beautiful kimono and walking elegantly are rare and unique thing that people may seldom to see in their daily life. So, if you can spot Geisha in Japan, your trip will surely be the memorable one.

    Geisha, the legacy of ancient Japan that still exists now

    18th century Geisha

    Geisha and Maiko (Younger Geishas, normally below 20 years old) are one of the symbols of Japan. Geishas have a long history in Japan. But now they can be described as artists that are well trained to do some Japanese form of art such as traditional music or Japanese dance, and are good entertainers with perfect manners. Geishas learn all of this ever since they are very young.

    How to find one

    So, if you want to meet a Geisha, what should you do? As I informed you earlier, most of Geishas reside in Kyoto. If you are lucky, you can meet them around Gion district, Hanami Koji and Shirakawa area are the most popular places to do so, which are surrounded by traditional restaurants and teahouses. Many tourists pass this area hoping that they can meet a Geisha. Anyway, just be careful not to meet a fake Geisha as their only aim is to attract tourists.

    Another way to see them is to watch Maiko performance held every single day at Gion corner. They introduce several Japanese forms of art such as dance, puppet play and tea ceremony. You can also meet real Geishas in Hatanaka (Japanese inn). The dinner course there is around JPY10,000.

    How to get there

    You have to go Gion district in Kyoto.
    If going from Kyoto station, Gion district can be reached by bus numbers 100 and 206.
    If you prefer to take a train, the closest station is Gion Shijo station.
    Kyoto Gion Corner website

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