Do You Know Where to Find the Longest Instagram-Worthy Snacks in Tokyo?

  • Finally, the longest food ever is now available in Japan! Thanks to LONG! LONGER!! LONGEST!!!, which has recently opened last March 2018 in Takeshita Street, Harajuku, people in Japan can now buy the “longest” soft cream, tornado potato, churros, and cotton candy. Check it out!

    Instagram-Worthy Food

    Takeshita Street in Harajuku is famous for its cute things as it greatly adheres to the kawaii culture of the country. The street is lined with shops offering all kinds of delicious and photogenic food such as SANTA MONICA Crepes, TOTTI CANDY FACTORY famous for its giant rainbow cotton candy, coisof and its unique and colorful soft serve ice cream, Cookie Time with its wide range of cookie-based goodies, and many more!

    If you are looking to zhoosh up your Instagram feed with some IG-worthy food, then Takeshita is definitely the place to be!

    Experience the Longest Food in Japan

    LONG! LONGER!! LONGEST!!! of the company Sugar Factory opened in Harajuku with the concept of providing an extraordinary experience to customers. The shop is located on the first floor of CUTE CUBE HARAJUKU, along with other shops such as Etude House, CROQUANTCHOU ZAKUZAKU, and CANDY A☆GO☆GO!

    LONG! LONGER!! LONGEST!!! is selling four kinds of food: soft ice cream, tornado potato, churros, and cotton candy. They all come in three different sizes: long, longer, and longest. Their tornado potato and churros also have different flavors.

    Take a look at the sizes and prices of their snacks below:

    Soft Ice Cream

    • long (30 cm) – 500 yen
    • longer (34 cm) – 600 yen
    • longest (40 cm) – 700 yen

    Tornado Potato

    • long (32 cm) – 500 yen
    • longer (42 cm) – 650 yen
    • longest (52 cm) – 800 yen


    • long (35 cm) – 500 yen
    • longer (45 cm) – 600 yen
    • longest (55 cm) – 700 yen

    Cotton Candy

    • long (40 cm) – 600 yen
    • longer (50 cm) – 700 yen
    • longest (60 cm) – 800 yen

    LONG! LONGER!! LONGEST!!! in Harajuku is open for business from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM every day.

    So, which size do you want? Long, longer, or longest? Depending on your food cravings and satisfaction level, you can always opt for the size you want. Whether you’re just looking for a light snack or you’re really hungry for some snacks, you will never run out of options here!

    If you find yourself strolling along Takeshita Street or shopping around Harajuku, make sure to drop by LONG! LONGER!! LONGEST!!! for an extraordinary experience you’ll surely remember.

    LONG! LONGER!! LONGEST!!! Website

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