Who Is This Cute Little White Bear Who Often Follows San-X’s Rilakkuma?

  • Everyone knows Rilakkuma, a popular fictional bear character from the company San-X that can be seen in many Japanese merchandise. But did you know that he is usually accompanied by a smaller, child-like white bear called “Korilakkuma”? She often follows him wherever he goes. Unlike Rilakkuma, she is more playful and loves listening to loud music. Let’s get to know her more!

    About Korilakkuma

    Korilakkuma has a very cute appearance. She is a small white bear with a red button on her chest. She doesn’t have a zipper at the back, unlike Rilakkuma. Her gender is often misinterpreted because her personality and hobbies don’t match that of a typical girl. She is quite mischievous which is considered opposite to the laid-back personality of Rilakkuma. She likes getting into trouble such as pulling Rilakkuma’s ear or scribbling on him. However, the two are considered close friends.

    Since Korilakkuma is very young, she doesn’t say any word. She loves playing with her toys which are placed inside a toy box with pink polka dots. Some of her favorite toys are her radio-controlled duck and stuffed penguin which she takes wherever she goes. She also loves drawing and scribbling with crayons. Her personality matches her love for upbeat music.

    When it comes to food, Korilakkuma loves eating strawberries, apples, and cherries. She even goes out to pick them by herself!

    Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma’s fun adventures are joined by Kiiroitori, the yellow bird. Kiiroitori loves nature and cleaning. All three of them often dress up in adorable clothes and have some good time.

    Korilakkuma Goods

    Korilakkuma goods can be found almost anywhere in Japan. There are also many pop-up cafes that appear yearly to promote the character. A more recent one was the limited Korilakkuma CAFE (Japanese only) which ended last February 25, 2018. The cafe served a special Korilakkuma menu and also offered limited edition Korilakkuma goods such as keychains, plates, bags, etc.

    If there are currently no pop-up cafes near you, you can make some homemade Korilakkuma goodies by yourself! Here’s a simple recipe for Korilakkuma scones.

    If you visit the San-X Net Shop (Japanese only), you can also find several Korilakkuma goods going side by side with Rilakkuma merchandise. They have face mugs, a collection of plush keychains, plush pouches, pens, memo pads, mini tote bags, bath towels, pool bags, neck straps, etc.

    Now that you know Korilakkuma, you no longer will wonder who the cute character accompanying Rilakkuma is. She is one character you should definitely check out!

    Rilakkuma and Friends Website

    *Featured Image: jp.fotolia.com/