17 Useful Japanese Words for First Time Travelers!

  • Are you planning to visit Japan soon? Well! it’s not yet too late for you to memorize some useful words that would make your entire travel experience a convenient one. I made some useful list of words that are quick to remember, in fact, you can even just run through it even you are already on the plane. These words are sure to come up in most everyday conversations.

    1. Toire- “Toilet”

    At least once in a while you have to go to the toilet right? Just in case you will have a difficulty finding one, don’t be shy to ask anyone using this phrase “Toire wa doko desu ka?” which exactly means “Where is the toilet?”.

    2. Wakarimasen- “I don’t understand”

    If you are talking to a Japanese, but you are having some difficulties understanding, you can just politely say this word. However, if you want the person to repeat what she or he said, the polite way of saying it is “Mou ichido onegaishimasu” which means “One more time, please”.

    3. Abunai- “Danger”

    If you hear this particular word from someone near you, most probably you have to watch your steps or the surroundings because it means that you are not safe.

    4. Tasukete- “Help!”

    We can’t predict accident right? So if ever you are already in a very unfortunate situation, you can say the word “Tasukete!” short and simple which means “HELP” for sure someone will come along to lend a helping hand.

    5. Keisatsu -“Police”

    If something really bad happened that is out of your control already, the person that you would really need to call is them.

    6. Hoteru- “Hotel”

    Most of the time you will have to use this word because there is a high chance that you would most likely use hotels as accommodation.

    7. Doko- “Where?”

    Are you lost? Or perhaps you need a guide to find a certain tourist attraction? Well! most likely you will use this particular word.

    8. Hidari-“Left”

    You will encounter this word when asking for direction, most probably now you already know where you are heading.

    9. Migi- “Right”
    10. Massugu- “Straight”

    Go straight but don’t disregard their stoplight or signage.

    11. Kuko- “Airport”

    Perhaps you are running out of time and there’s a need for you to take a cab going to the airport, you just have to tell the driver “Kuukou” and surely they know where to take you.

    12. Eki- “Station”

    One of the primary mode of transportation in Japan is the Train station. As a first time traveler you have to be familiar where the train station is and of course the word itself.

    13. Takushi- “Taxi”

    Taxi is one of the best type of transportation for someone who doesn’t want to get lost or someone who is running out of time because you will find it anywhere, however you have to prepare your pocket as it is quite expensive in Japan.

    14. Onaka suita-“hungry”

    Neutral way of saying you are hungry.

    15. Nomimono

    – This is a Japanese word for beverages or drinks.

    16. Oishii- “Delicious”

    If you want to compliment someone for their cooking, you need this word.

    17. Ureshii- “Happy”

    You will always have this feeling when you are already in Japan.

    I hope this particular article was able to help you and somehow provided you some useful Japanese words that you need for your travel. Make sure to memorize it to be able to use them in your daily conversation. Remember, traveling is not about wandering and just watching it’s about feeling and experiencing. Have a great trip!

    Featured image: jp.fotolia.com/