Why, How and When to Visit Kumamoto Castle?

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  • One of the main attractions of Japan is its exquisite and historic castles. Japan is home to many beautiful castles from Hokkaido to Okinawa. One of these lies in Kumamoto Prefecture in Kyushu island – the Kumamoto Castle.


    Kumamoto Castle is considered one of the three most famous castles in Japan together with Nagoya Castle and Osaka Castle, according to Wikitravel. It is mentioned as one of the seven most beautiful castles in an article entitled ‘The Seven Most Beautiful Castles in Japan’. It is undeniably, the most beautiful, the most famous and the most visited castle in Kyushu Island.

    Location and Contact Details

    Kumamoto Castle is easily accessible to local and foreign tourists. It is located in the heart of Kumamoto City, just in front of Kumamoto City Hall, a 12-minute walk from the Kumamoto Kotsu Center (bus station) and a 15-minute tram ride from JR Kumamoto Station.

    Best Time to Visit

    1. Spring

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    Kumamoto Castle is one of the best places to do cherry blossom viewing in the city and even in the entire Kyushu. There are about a thousand cherry blossom trees inside and outside the castle grounds. The entrance and exit roads are lined up with cherry trees. The cherry trees from the nearby parks make Kumamoto Castle appear even more grandiose if you look at it from outside.

    2. Autumn

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    In the castle ground, there are many ginko biloba trees with leaves that turn yellow in autumn. One is very big that when the yellow leaves start to fall, the ground will be covered with yellow leaves like a nature’s carpet. It is such a spectacular site that most of the tourists have their pictures taken under the big ginko biloba tree. Go just outside the castle grounds and more ginko biloba trees make the surrounding yellow. It’s yellow, yellow, yellow everywhere.
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