Up up and away to Chausuyama Park!

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    Chausuyama kogen sits at 1,418m and is surrounded by the Japanese alps and lush green flora as far as the eye can see. It is a spacious, quiet park where you can get lost in nature.


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    Chausuyama is conveniently located between Aichi and Nagano prefectures and can be reached by car, or bus. It is said to have the tallest peak in Aichi and a popular spot in both spring and winter.


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    For everyone


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    It is a great escape for everyone. Couples of any age can enjoy the scenic views, stroll by the lake, through the park or hiking. There are games and rides for children, and an enclosed dog walking areas for those wanting to bring pets.



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    Although the park is open year round, those who like warmer weather can enjoy the flowers of Spring. The spring season hosts an annual bloom of over 30,000 shibazakura in a variety of colors and patterns. The rolling hills covered in pretty pink, white, red, and purple flowers is worth the trip and can leave you feeling refreshed and energetic for the Spring season.



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    Not a fan of Spring? Maybe autumn is your season! Visitors can leisurely gaze at the changing of the leaves (korankei) in autumn, which attracts people of all ages, trying to get a glimpse of the brilliant colors against the clear sky.


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    Winter lovers can enjoy skiing on Chausuyama, which is also popular for skiing. Not too far from Chausuyama there numerous ski resorts (Kyukamura Chausuyama kogen) with delicious meals, beautiful rooms, and lovely mountain views. Most resorts can arrange pick up and drop offs if you arrange at the time of your booking.

    Chausuyama Park*Japanese Only

    Enjoy cooler temperatures, let Mother Nature take your breath away each season, come to Chausuyama and feel rejuvenated.