The main elements that make Japanese food so distinctive

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  • If you like Japanese food, you must have already realized that there is something that makes it different from the foods in other countries. Yes, Japanese food normally is characterized as light food, with no strong flavours but tasting goods. Below are some of the elements that go hand in hand with the term “Japanese food”, and make it so different.


    Nori is a dry seaweed. Nori normally is paired with Japanese rice and is used to make sushi and onigiri. Nori as it is also makes a good snack.


    Shoyu is a Japanese soy sauce. It is a basic ingredient that is used in many Japanese foods.


    Miso is a Japanese seasoning that is made from fermented soybeans. Miso is normally used for the noodle soup. Miso usually comes in the form of paste that is easy to use in many dishes.


    Wasabi is sometimes called Japanese horseradish. Wasabi’s taste is strong. Wasabi is normally used to eat with sushi, it is put between rice and fish. In Japan, wasabi flavour is also used in drinks and ice creams.

    Beni shoga

    Beni shoga is a pickled red ginger. Beni shoga is used as a complimentary food in dishes such as yakisoba, gyudon, or okonomiyaki to balance the taste out. The color of beni shoga comes from red perilla.


    Katsuo-bushi is dried bonito flakes. Katsoubushi is made from fish, normally skipjack bonitos. Katsoubushi is usually used as a topping on some foods such as udon, takoyaki and okonomiyaki.


    Aonori is shredded or powder of nori (seaweed). It can be used as a topping for Japanese noodles. It has particular aroma that goes well with Japanese dishes.

    Tare sauce (Sweet sauce)

    Japanese use this special sweet sauce that is normally only used with Japanese foods. Some sweet sauces are tonkatsu sauce, yakisoba sauce, okonomiyaki sauce, takoyaki sauce and chunou sauce. The flavor of these sauces make us crave for Japanese foods.

    So, do you miss Japanese food already?