Keeping Beautiful in Japan

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    For many girls, beautification is a really big deal. There are spas, salons, and many things related to beauty all over the world. Japan is not an exception, there are many ways to get beautiful in Japan. Now, I picked my favourite beauty things to get in Japan. And I think those things might be hard to find in another country, so I strongly recommend you to try all these when you visit Japan.


    Do you know Onsen? Onsen is a Japanese traditional and natural hot spring. Since the water is natural, it has plenty of positive beauty effects. There are many places where you can enjoy Onsens in Japan. For instance, Hakone, which is a town in Ashigarashimo district in Kanagawa prefecture. There are hundreds of Onsens that its hot water is really good for your skin. If you go to an Onsen, you can get a real deep relaxation.

    Ganban yoku

    Ganban yoku is a pretty popular option to lose weight. Ganban yoku means stone sauna in English. As the name suggests, it is extremely hot in the sauna, but if you stay inside for 1 hour, you can also burn 500 kcal. In addition, stone sauna helps your body to get clean of the waste along with your sweat.


    Originally, Kimchi is a Korean dish, but it’s really popular in Japan, especially among girls. As you know, Kimchi is a spicy food, so if you eat a lot of Kimchi, you would sweat a lot. Kimushi contains many nutrients that are good for your body. There are many Kimchi restaurants in Japan, so I think you should try some Kimchi here to become even more beautiful!!

    So there you go, I introduced you the three things that I strongly recommend for your beauty. I heard that the Japanese are known for their beauty treatments. So there are many beautifying things that you can try easily in Japan. Have a fun stay and keep beautiful!