Have You Tried This Delicious Combination of Mochi and Chocolate in Japan?

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  • When it comes to Japanese delicacies, the rice variety “mochi” easily takes one of the top places. Imagine sweet and sticky rice cake combined with rich and delicious chocolate, and there you have the world’s best “rice chocolate,” namely the “Mochi Mochi Chocola” released a few years back by BOURBON in Japan.

    Mochi Varieties

    Mochi, being a popular food in Japan, has many varieties available in the market. This rice cake is made for many occasions, be it New Year’s Eve, birthdays, festivals, and what not! It is so soft, sticky, flexible, chewy, and of course, delicious that everyone in Japan loves it. However, the sweet version traditionally has some filling inside, usually red bean paste, and is commonly referred to as “daifuku.”

    Many confectionery companies in Japan have been experimenting with mochi for a very long time. You can find different fillings, and not just red beans, such as ice cream, strawberries, and so on. During the hanami or flower viewing season in spring, you would commonly come across the sakura-flavored glutinous cakes that are as delicious as any other mochi variety.

    Giant food conglomerates such as Lotte and Häagen-Dazs have already come up with unique ice cream varieties that have mochi in them. Lotte has put regular ice cream balls as filling inside mochi and released it with the name “Yukimi Daifuku,” while Häagen-Dazs has developed sesame and sakura-flavored ice cream with rice cake as the base.

    Mochi Mochi Chocola

    BOURBON, a Japanese candy company that is giving serious competition to major confectionery manufacturers in the country, came up with the idea of releasing a “rice chocolate.” Started in the early 1920s as a small store, BOURBON now has one of the largest market shares in the food and beverage industry in Japan. They are, in fact, the first large-scale company to release a “mochi chocolate” called the “Mochi Mochi Chocola,” a treat that you would definitely want.

    When BOURBON released this new product, it did not garner much attention and it took a lot of time for people to see what an amazing product it is. It is not until recently that it hit the shelves on a large scale along with the hanami special, sakura mochi. Although there are several similar sakura versions released by other companies, BOURBON’s has a unique and refreshing salty scent to it like no other.

    If you get hold of either the chocolate or sakura version of the Mochi Mochi Chocola, you would see that the outer packaging is attractive while the inside has exactly eight mochi balls, to be picked by two forks that come with them.

    The Taste

    The Mochi Mochi Chocola has a taste that will make you devour more and more. Its increasing sales and popularity show that it is one of the coolest products to try when you are in Japan.

    The chocolate used as filling inside the sugar-coated mochi is the famous Belgian icing called “ganache.” You will usually find this on birthday cakes and in other pastries as filling.

    The moment you put the mochi chocolate in your mouth and chew on it a little, you will reach the heavenly skies as the chocolate has a strong and rich taste. The price is reasonable as well, with each pack costing just around 216 yen. If you can’t find it in convenience stores in Japan, you can check shopping sites such as Rakuten and have it delivered.

    Have you tried this interesting version of mochi/chocolate yet? Do get as many boxes as you can and enjoy the mochi chocolate goodness!

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